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Why Our Fans Prefer Their V2 Electronic Cigarette

Filed in Our Fans by on September 17, 2015 0 Comments

where to buy e cigarette accessories v2 cigsHere’s Why V2 Customers Made the Switch

At V2, we are fortunate enough to have tens of thousands of loyal electronic cigarette customers across the world in Eastern Europe, Australia, North America and South America. Through social media, our very own V2 forum and customer support, we have had the opportunity to talk with so many fans. For many people looking to make the switch, we thought it was important for them to learn the top reasons why people continuously choose V2.

1. So many savings! – When you shop at V2, you will score serious savings just about every week. From our monthly coupon code, to free shipping, weekly promotional sales and free rewards through our exclusive Vape 4 Free program, it’s possible for you to vape superior electronic cigarette products and flavors at a cost effective rate.

2. It’s Not Smoke, It’s Vapor! – Unlike traditional tobacco cigarettes, an electronic cigarette or vapor pen does is non-combustable; it doesn’t use fire or produce smoke. Instead, electronic cigarettes heat an e-liquid made primarily of nicotine and food flavoring via an electric battery to produce vapor that’s odorless and evaporates within seconds. This is a great added benefit for many V2 vapers—they don’t have to deal with their clothes, home or car smelling after they have vaped.

3. Lower Taxes – With few exceptions, customers who shop online at do not have to worry about paying local or federal taxes. For many of our customers, this is a huge incentive when compared to buying traditional cigarettes. As many of you may know, tobacco products require steep tax fees, depending on what state you reside in. Currently, all electronic cigarette and vapor devices are unregulated on a national scale and are not subject to federal tax. Some states like Minnesota have imposed a tax on electronic cigarette products or e-liquids containing nicotine. Those vapor companies with physical locations in states with mandated state taxes require their customers to pay an electronic cigarette tax. V2’s headquarters are located in South Florida and we’re happy to offer our online customers prices unaffected by a state tax.

4. Authentic, delicious flavors – At V2, customers have a wide variety of electronic cigarette flavors to choose from that are unlike any others on the market. Our exclusive platinum e-liquid formulas come in tobacco, menthol and specialty flavors, designed to suit anyone’s palate.

5. An electronic cigarette produces less waste – We understand that our loyal V2 customers are environmentally conscious and want to reduce their carbon footprint. In addition to not producing any smoke that could pollute the environment, a V2 electronic cigarette produces less waste over a vaper’s lifetime compared to traditional cigarettes and can be reused and recycled. When you buy a V2 battery, it is made to last. We also offer reusable EX Blank cartridges that can be refilled with platinum V2 E-Liquid up to ten times.

6. Superior customer support – From our world-renowned V2 forum that delivers free and easy access to information from veteran vapers across the world, to our live chat support, V2 offers top-notch customer service. In addition, customers or inquiring minds can call our toll free customer service telephone line at 877.37.VAPOR and speak with one of our friendly customer service team members, where all of their questions or concerns are immediately addressed.


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