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Why They Want to Eliminate The Vaporizer Industry

Filed in News & Politics by on September 24, 2015 0 Comments

who is working to eliminate the vaporizer industry v2 cigsSince establishing a global customer base for our wide variety of ecig and vaporizer products, we’ve had the opportunity to meet and hear from tens of thousands of customers all over the world, who have raved about how V2 e-cigarettes have changed their lives for the better. It’s safe to say that there are likely hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people who understand and support the positive impact that e-cigarette and vaporizer devices have had on so many. Unfortunately, reality doesn’t always guide public opinion—perception, however, does. If you simply read a few of the headlines plastered across your television screen or Facebook timeline, you may believe that using a vaporizer is worse than consuming tobacco cigarettes and other illegal drugs combined. In actuality, there are few studies about vaporizer products, due to the newness of the technology. Sadly, the studies that garner the most attention are typically not fact-based; many have been funded by vapor opponents or their findings have been distorted to fit a specific narrative.

With the advancement of technology, vaporizer manufacturers across the world have been able to develop smarter, less expensive, and more visually appealing vapor devices that appeal to a wide range of consumers. But if that is the case, one may ask why so many politicians and media outlets seem to be against this new industry. Why is there so much negative rhetoric surrounding a category that is strengthening the economy and providing people with a real alternative to tobacco? More importantly, who are the individuals behind these organized efforts to position the vaporizer industry as the bad guy?

Many experts and industry insiders believe that Big Tobacco, Big Pharma and a handful of politically motivated law makers are the prime culprits. Why? The popularity of ecig and vaporizer devices parallels the decline of tobacco products. What’s more, these viable alternatives to tobacco threaten the sales of pharmaceutical nicotine replacement products like nicotine gums and patches, inhalers, and most notably, prescription medications. With seemingly limitless resources, these groups have funded massive PR campaigns and employed an army of lobbyists; successfully swaying the opinions of elected officials and convincing the public that ecigs are more dangerous than tobacco. The irony? Nearly every single major electronic cigarette brand is owned by Big Tobacco. In fact, V2 remains one of the only independently operated, global ecig and vaporizer manufacturers.

With so much negative attention being focused on the vaporizer industry, what can the average vapor customer do? For starters, it helps to stay current. Read as much as you can about the vapor industry; share accurate information with friends and loved one’s both on and offline. Be a proud brand advocate of your vaporizer or ecig! While powerful groups appear to have made it their mission to eliminate the vapor industry, there’s hope. Popular culture and early adopters have helped to boost the visibility of the vaporizer market.

From Frank Underwood in Netflix’s House of Cards, to Julia Louis-Dreyfus proudly vaping during the 2014 Golden Globes; we’re thrilled to see so many celebrities supporting our industry. And members of the academic community are lending their support too. Prominent news columnists like UC Berkley School of Law Professor, Stephen Sugarman, and public health expert, Dr. Michael Siegel have published pro-vapor, science-based pieces in the LA Times and New York Times.

If you are a proud V2 vaper and want to help inform some of your non-vaping friends, make sure to share this blog post on social media and even through email! The more we all work together to get the right information out to public, the greater chance the industry has to thrive and survive!

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