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Are Vapor Pens becoming a ‘Lifestyle’ Accessory?

Filed in Lifestyle by on October 22, 2015 0 Comments

vapor pens as an accessory v2.comAs the vapor industry continues to expand with more advanced technology and aesthetically appealing options, these vapor pens are becoming better known for their true smoke-less, tobacco-free features. The public opinion on e-cigarettes and vapor pens is swaying so much that some people incorporate vapor products into their lifestyles as an everyday accessory. Is this happening because a more diverse mixture of adults are joining the vapor community?

A recent Tech Cocktail article featuring V2 electronic cigarettes spotlighted vapor pens as a new ‘lifestyle’ accessory, with a reach spanning a wide variety of young adults all the way to retired seniors. With so many different nicotine strengths, including zero percent, and a wide variety of flavors, vaping is apparently becoming an enjoyable and delicious past time. V2 customers choose vapor pens and ecigs because they offer nicotine without the combustion of tobacco smoking, but as the vapor industry continues to expand, it seems that others are taking up vaping as a social past time. While we support the growth of the vapor community, we firmly believe that vapor pens and ecigs should be used by smokers, only.

Vaping in 2011 compared to vaping in 2015 has drastically changed for the better; customers can choose vapor pens in different styles, designs, colors, sizes, flavors, quality levels and ultimately experience truly sophisticated technology and satisfaction. In 2015, tech geeks, motorcyclists, business professionals and even fashionistas are joining the vapor world. Whether you love Star Wars or Sleepless in Seattle, or whether you live in Austin, Texas or Manhattan, these new ‘lifestyle accessories’ are connecting people from all walks of life.

At V2, we offer a variety of products, flavors and design options because we want to cater to all kinds of smokers, both the veterans and the new vapers who want their vapor pens to double as an accessory. Regardless of people’s style preferences, this normalization is something that is ultimately going to help break the stigma of ecigs and vapor pens; helping the industry position itself in a new and separate category from other products like tobacco.

Tell us in the comment section below if you agree that vapor pens should become a ‘lifestyle’ accessory and what that means to you! Make sure to share this blog post with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.


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