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E-Liquid Flavors for a Sweet Fall Season

Filed in Lifestyle by on October 9, 2015 0 Comments

e-liquid flavors for fall v2 cigsAre you the kind of vaper who matches your e-liquid flavor to your mood? Though it stays sunny and warm year-round here at V2 headquarters in Miami, for our vaping friends further North it’s autumn – and that means chilly mornings, sweaters, hot cider, and different e-liquid flavors to usher in a new season. Time to switch out cool menthols and tropical fruity flavors for a soothing, warmer, richer palette more suitable for the colder weather ahead. Here’s what we recommend, all available in Classic Cartridges and V2 Platinum E-Liquids:

Vanilla. The soothing smell of vanilla somehow reminds us of fresh, made-from-scratch cakes baking in the oven – a welcome thing when warm, sticky days give way to the coolness of fall. Our particular artisan-crafted vanilla e-liquid adds a gourmet twist to this classic flavor, infusing the full-bodied essence of the vanilla bean with a mellow sweetness.

Chocolate. If you’re more of a chocoholic and can’t imagine putting vanilla into your vaporizer, then of course chocolate is at the top of your e-liquid list this fall. Our blend is a perfect mix of dark and milk chocolate. Once you try it, there will be no question why it’s a fan favorite.

Coffee. There are those who have sworn off coffee, and then there’s everyone else. When the weather turns nippy, there’s nothing better than savoring the rich, comforting flavor of coffee in your favorite vaporizer. The V2 coffee e-liquid has just the right amount of cream and sugar, since we know that’s how most people take it!

V2 Red. Any e-liquid list would not be complete without V2 Red, one of our most popular flavors any time of year. V2 Red replicates the familiar tastes of cured Virginia tobacco, a major draw for most vapers. Described as “real and robust,” this flavor is a go-to for any season, but we think it pairs especially well with the crisp and rich smells of freshly fallen leaves and a wood burning fire – classic smells of autumn.

Check out our full range of V2 e-liquid flavors here.


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