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EX Cartridges: Eliquid Flavor in a Prefilled Cartridge

Filed in New Products by on October 29, 2015 0 Comments

ex eliquid cartridges V2.comAre you ready to experience the most superior eliquid flavor and vapor production that the e-cigarette market has to offer? Whether you are in the beginning stage of finding the right e-cigarette brand or are a pro vaper who wants to improve their experience, V2 EX Pre-filled Cartridges have everything you need for an pleasurable vapor session.

EX Cartridges produce approximately 400+ puffs, which is nearly double that of our V2 Classic Prefilled Cartridges and offer a totally leak-proof airtight eliquid seal. Because we are dedicated to providing superior quality, our engineers worked tirelessly to create a revolutionary prefilled cartridge that had all of the perks of a personal eliquid vaporizer but was still compact enough for a V2 e-cigarette battery.

You can choose to start small with a 5-Pack of V2 EX Flavor Cartridges or stock up on a variety of assorted eliquid flavors to last you through the rest of the year with the V2 Flavor Cartridge 80-Pack. Many customers choose the V2 EX Line because they want the consistent flavor profile of a tank with the convenience of a microcig. These next generation prefilled flavor cartridges are converting eliquid vapers across the world to the V2 brand because of their durability, consistent flavor and thick vapor production. When you purchase your first batch of V2 EX Flavor Cartridges, you will discover the benefits of optimized air flow, allowing for thicker vapor production without the need for priming.

Another premium component of V2 EX Cartridges is the small window on the side of the cartridge. This custom feature enables vapers to continuously see how much eliquid is remaining in the cartridge at all times. In addition, the internal construction of the prefilled EX Cartridge offers a “tank” like experience, making your vapor session just as enjoyable as any heavy duty eliquid device. V2 EX Cartridges embody everything a vapor enthusiast needs and that is why these innovative products are so popular with both V2 veterans and beginners.

EX Flavor Cartridges offer a variety of nicotine strengths that will suit everyone’s needs including 2.4%, 1.8%, 1.2%, 0.6% and 0%. Vapor enthusiasts can choose from six of our most popular eliquid flavors including V2 Red, Sahara, Congress, V2 Menthol, Green Tea Menthol and Peppermint. Whether you are looking for a cool menthol flavor or want a rich, tobacco experience, the EX Flavor Cartridge can deliver satisfactory results at a lower cost-per-puff than V2 Classic Cartridges.

See what everyone is raving about by trying V2 EX Flavor Cartridges today and let us know what you think by tweeting us @V2Cigs on Twitter!


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