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Get the Best V2 Vape Pen & Ecig Experience

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tips for the best v2 vape pen experience v2 cigsIf you are new to the V2 vape pen experience or just feel like you’re ready to step up your vape game, we’ve outlined 6 key ways the expert vapers make their V2 experience more enjoyable and easy!

Get Started With Disposable E-Cigarettes – If you have never tried an electronic cigarette or vape pen before and want to see what all the hype is about, we suggest trying V2 Disposable Electronic Cigarettes. Our single use disposables are sold in thousands of brick-and-mortar stores across the United States and Europe, as well as online at You can visit our online V2 Store Locator to see where our vape pen and ecig products are sold in in your neighborhood or city. We also have an entire section on our website dedicated to our disposable e-cigarettes, so that new customers can try an ecig without investing in an entire starter kit. Each V2 Disposable offers roughly the same number of puffs as two packs of tobacco cigarettes and is ready to enjoy, right out of the box. These ecigs are particularly convenience because there’s no need to fill a cartridge with e-liquid or charge any battery. All V2 Disposable E-Cigarettes comes in two of our most popular flavors: V2 Red (Tobacco flavor) and V2 Menthol and come in 1.8% nicotine. When shopping on our website, you can also order Zig-ZagTM Disposables, which offer 400 puffs per e-cig and are available in Traditional (Tobacco) or Menthol flavors. Zig-Zag Disposables come in your choice of 1.8% or 2.4% nicotine strengths.

Build Up An Adequate Vapor Stash – Any seasoned V2 vape pen veteran will tell you the key to enjoying your vapor experience is having enough product at home, in the car and even at work, in case of times of stress or emergencies! Having multiple batteries, flavor cartridges, chargers and e-liquid is key to enjoying a relaxing vapor lifestyle. To help increase your stash without breaking the bank, make sure to sign up for our weekly V2 promotional emails to see what vape pen and ecig products are on sale each week!

Keep Multiple Batteries Charged – Having multiple vape pen batteries on-hand at any given time isn’t enough – after all, how helpful is it to have all those batteries if none of them are charged? In order to save yourself the headache of looking for a power source, we suggest keeping several batteries charged at all times. That way, you’re ready for whatever the day (or night!) throws at you.

Always Pair V2 Batteries with V2 Chargers – If you want to get the best vapor production and power, it’s important to only charge your V2 vape pen and ecig batteries with V2 cords and wall chargers. Although you may be temped to charge your V2 Battery with your Smartphone wall charger, this could lead to an electrical mishap and may even alter your V2 Battery. For the best results and a hassel-free vape pen experience, make sure to stock up on all V2 charging accessories in our online storefront.

Join the V2 Forum – If you are new to the vape pen world, don’t be intimidated – we were all new at one time or another! When you join our forum, we know you’ll be inspired to learn about this new innovative product and how you can use it to your advantage. One great way to interact with seasoned vape pen veterans is by joining our official V2 Forum, which receives over 100,000 views and thousands of comments from V2 vapers living all over the world. Learn the best ways to take care of and use your V2 products, plus get insider tips on how to maximize your supplies and even save money at V2!

Use Quality and Reputable E-Liquid – Although we understand the cost of a product is just as important as the actual product, we know first-hand how important it is not to cut costs when it comes to e-cigarette and vape pen e-liquid. At a minimum, discount e-liquid may not taste great; worse, you probably won’t know what ingredients you are vaping. True vape pen enthusiasts always advise that you buy e-liquid from reputable manufacturers who list the ingredients and offer batch reports on their e-liquid batches.

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