the hazards of ecigarette misinformation v2 cigs

The Hazards of Ecigarette Misinformation

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the hazards of ecigarette misinformation v2 cigsInnovative technology, like that which created the ecigarette, can excite people and change the way they live their lives. This same technology can scare others who may not be informed, or who may not be ready to learn new information and evolve and adapt. This is particularly true for the ecigarette industry—these disruptive devices offer the nicotine that some people crave, yet are not known to contain the thousands of carcinogenic chemicals found in traditional tobacco cigarettes. In addition, they do not produce the tobacco smoke that cigarettes do and have helped millions of people make improvements to their lifestyles.

This savvy device we call an ecigarette has unsettled the tobacco industry and caused the uninformed masses to become hysterical. When you take a close look at the data about the ecigarette and the tobacco industry, you can get a much broader, more educated understanding about the people who use these devices and why.

Traditional tobacco smoking rates for adults in the U.S. have actually declined to their lowest levels over just the past few years. It’s also important to note that although the ecigarette was invented decades ago, it only became available to the masses in the United States around 2007. Based on the anecdotal evidence offered by our ecigarette customers, there seems to be an obvious correlation. In fact, we’ve heard first-hand testimonials from thousands of V2 customers that support this idea.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also recently reported that American adults who smoke tobacco cigarettes has fallen consecutively for the past six years, from 20.6 percent in 2009 to 15.2 percent in early 2015. These kinds of figures are huge improvements, no matter how informed or misinformed you are about the ecigarette. Despite these statistics, various big tobacco corporations and special interest groups have managed to manipulate the public into viewing the ecigarette in a negative light. This misleading narrative has hurt the smart technology of what is still a rapidly growing industry.

One of those hysteria-driven talking points focuses on ecigarette use by minors; making baseless claims that the ecigarette will be a gateway for nicotine addicted youth to begin using combustible tobacco. Contrary to this argument, youth tobacco smoking rates have continued to drop at unprecedented rates. And responsible ecigarette companies have taken extreme measures to ensure their products do not end up in the hands of minors; even where such regulation has yet to be passed.

Overall, our mission at V2 is to help educate and uplift both vapers and non-vapers so everyone can make informed decisions and make sure their opinions are based in fact. If you agree with us and want to help us share real data and information about the ecigarette industry and how it differs from the tobacco industry, make sure to share this blog post with your friends on social media!

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  1. This story is absolutely true. As of today (10/16/2015), I am five years and four days without a cigarette and four years and six months without nicotine, thanks to ecigs. This was the greatest aid imaginable in my quitting. All the bs concerning them is absolutely disgusting! The fear that the industry and the uninformed propagate is unbelievable!

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