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The Vaporizer Community has a Friend

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kansas commissioner supports vaporizer community v2 cigsA local ABC News affiliate based in Wichita, Kansas recently published a positive vaporizer story featuring Jim Howell, a Sedgwick County Commissioner who is in support of electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers being used in county buildings. Mr. Howell told the news station that he is working with his fellow elected officials to support the vaporizer community and implement rules that will allow them to vape in county buildings; he sees this as a way to improve work productivity and reduce long-term county health care insurance costs.

As many V2 vapers know, the vaporizer and ecig industry traditionally does not get much support from local, state or federal politicians. In the wake of this news, we are elated to learn that there are some elected officials in the United States that have done their research and actually talked to people who vape before deciding on policies. Without doing personal investigating, people can arrive at false conclusions about the vapor industry and the people that comprise of its target customer base. We’re enthusiastic that this Kansas commissioner seems to be setting a new example of creating county rules based around fact-based information.

Commissioner Jim Howell’s local media outreach, although small, is helping the vaporizer industry as a whole establish further credibility. As a vapor company that only sells to legal adults, the majority of V2 vapers use our products to transition away from expensive tobacco products. While many pharmaceutical nicotine replacement products are available to consumers, many vapers have said they have not worked. In contrast, nicotine delivery systems, also known as electronic cigarettes, have assisted hundreds of thousands of Americans across the country in saving money and improving their overall lifestyle.

V2 vapers across the world know that switching to an electronic cigarette or vaporizer offers a variety of savings including one’s money and time. Instead of taking smoke breaks or driving to the store to purchase tobacco products, V2 vapers purchase their vapor products online. By understanding that e-cigarettes produce vapor rather than tobacco smoke, we hope that most vapers are allowed to use their vaporizer or ecig at their desks. We always advise V2 customers to follow all vaping rules and laws when they are vaping out in public or on private property.

We applaud City Commissioner Jim Howell for standing up for the rights of the vaporizer community in Sedgwick County and encourage other elected officials to follow his lead. Everybody wins when lawmakers learn the facts about vapor products, that way they can create appropriate vapor policies that everyone can agree on. If you are in support of vaping, make sure to share this positive vaporizer news with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.

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