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Trending Ecigarette #Hashtags

Filed in Lifestyle by on October 12, 2015 0 Comments

trending ecigarette hashtags v2 cigsAre you a serious social media enthusiast? As an ecigarette tech startup company, our team members spend a lot of time on various social media platforms connecting with friends, making new friends based on shared interests and learning the latest news. With technology rapidly changing and everyone becoming more and more involved with social media on a daily basis, we understand that some V2 ecigarette customers prefer to receive V2 updates via their Twitter, Instagram or Facebook timelines rather than email or traditional mail. For those of you who are interested in getting your latest vapor updates and even meeting new vaper friends on social media, we have put together a list of several go-to vapor-themed hashtags. These popular ecigarette and vaporizer hashtags will keep you updated to the minute with the latest V2 news, sales and entertaining vapor-related content.

#V2Cigs – If you are an avid tweeter and prefer getting your information in 140 characters or less, make sure to frequently search the #V2Cigs hashtag on Twitter for the latest product updates and conversation that our ecigarette fans all over the world are having.

#CloudChasing – Do you want to see some of the biggest vapor clouds on the Internet? By searching this hashtag, see vapor selfies and cloud pictures from all over the world! Even learn some pointers for producing the thickest vapor from an ecigarette or vaporizer.

#Ecig – When you search this hashtag on Twitter, you will see live tweets from select politicians and media outlets reporting up-to-the-minute news regarding the ecigarette industry and impending federal regulation. As a dedicated vaper, it’s important to stay informed and this is a fast and easy way to do just that without downloading multiple news apps on your phone.

#vaping101 – If you’re new to ecigarette and vaping culture and want to get all the basic information that your fellow vapers know, search #vaping101 on Twitter or Instagram. You’ll find a lot of rich information about e-liquid, electrical skills related to ecigarette batteries and how to blow vapor rings!

What’s your current favorite ecigarette hashtag that is popular on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook? Make sure to share it with your fellow vapers in the comment section below – and remember to share this blog post with your friends on social media and use one of our top vapor hashtags!

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