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What’s Your Ecigarette Persona?

Filed in Lifestyle by on October 15, 2015 0 Comments

five common ecigarette personas v2 cigsOnce you delve into the ecigarette and vaporizer world, you will quickly realize some new personality traits developing based around your vapor preferences. Whether you love trying new flavors, are obsessed with sitting in vapor clouds or love the tech side of your new-found hobby, one of these five personality types are likely to sound familiar. Check out our ecigarette persona profiles below and tell us in the comment section below which one matches you best!

Stealth vaper – You love to vape just about everywhere; from the car to work, to outside, to when you’re out having fun on the weekend. At the same time, you don’t want to make a scene or be that obnoxious ecigarette user, so you slowly, but consistently vape your favorite platinum V2 e-liquid, trying to keep your vapor clouds almost invisible. You’re probably a fan of our EX Batteries because of the metal tip – no glowing LEDs to give you away!

Mixologist – You have every V2 Platinum E-Liquid flavor ever made and have mixed all of them together to create custom, unique ecigarette flavors that other true mixologists would appreciate. You continuously perfect your vapor e-liquid mixing and keep a written list of all the ratios of e-liquid formulas for future vapor sessions…or a select group of friends, if they ask nicely enough. You believe that vaping one ecigarette flavor is cool, but mixing two or three flavors is where all the vapor fun really happens!

Cloud chaser – This applies to those of you pass over the traditional ecigarette in favor of large vaporizer devices like the V2 Pro Series 3 and Series 7 that offer powerful voltage and battery life. You have dedicated hours to refining your vapor production. You consider it an art form and have developed several savvy techniques to blow the biggest vapor clouds. You know proper air flow, the right impedance, a fully charged battery and great e-liquid is key to being a serious cloud chaser. You even know that this pastime has become a niche within the vapor industry and that thousands of YouTube videos have been made and viewed documenting how to get major vapor clouds.

Flavor snob – After making V2 Platinum E-Liquid your ecigarette juice of choice, you have a high standard for quality vapor e-liquid. You may only prefer tobacco or menthol flavors and have no interest in the fruity flavors sold at V2 or anywhere else. Or you may just understand that although there are thousands of ecigarette flavors on the market, they just don’t compare to the taste and consistency that V2 offers. Whether you prefer fruit flavors or traditional smoking ecigarette flavors, you know what you like and stick to it.

Early adopter – You are the friend that has to have the newest tech gadget. You love technology and can usually recite the specifications of a new toy, delighting in understanding every single detail. You know the ins and outs of how vaporizers and other electrical devices work, and you will not be left out of the loop when a new V2 ecigarette or vaporizer launches! You are a regular member of the V2 Forum and help show others all the best ways to get the most out of your V2 ecigarette or V2 Pro vaporizer. You are always willing to test out new vapor tech and give your constructive criticism to help the engineers make the tech device better. Overall, you are fascinated with all technology, but especially the vaporizer or ecigarette because they helped you make the switch from combustible tobacco…plus, they’re just plain cool.


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