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Your Ecig Use Can Help Friends Who Smoke

Filed in Lifestyle, News & Politics by on October 13, 2015 0 Comments

an ecig fan can help his friend who smokes v2 cigsEarlier in the year, a study conducted by Reuters concluded that 10 percent of Americans are ecig consumers, while the number of tobacco smokers continues to decline. Millions of people around the world are vaping as an alternative to combustible nicotine. Although this is great news for the ecig business, anti-electronic cigarette organizations and individuals are still slamming the industry with negative publicity over narrow and misleading studies.

This is why it’s important that the ecig community do their part to help their smoking friends and family members see what other alternatives are out there. Bridging the gap between vapers and smokers is essential to helping non-vapers make the switch. Imagine if the 10 percent of American vapers helped even five of their friends or family members make the switch to the smoke-free alternative that an ecig offers? That would benefit both the public and the environment, not to mention the wallets of the people who made the switch.

As an industry leader, we know that lifestyle changes can be scary. This reason alone is accounts for why so many Americans haven’t switched yet. If you are a seasoned vaper, you know first-hand how overwhelming the ecig market can appear—there are so many brands, flavors and different types of devices to choose from. Too many options with no one to assist along the way to offer guidance can prevent a person from actually making the switch. More importantly, vaping is very subjective and dependent on each person’s taste buds, nicotine and device preferences. But this is where you and your ecig can come in!

In casual conversation, during a lunch break or weekend outing, talk about how your ecig works, what the flavors taste like, how much it costs in comparison to tobacco cigarettes. Use this informal setting to explain what is actually in vapor e-liquid (food flavoring, propylene glycol and nicotine), along with other pieces of ecig-related information that may be relevant to your present company – you’ll be surprised how receptive people can be when they don’t feel like they’re being lectured!

Grassroots initiatives are sometimes the best way to help people learn new information and make lifestyle changes for the better. Telling your loved ones your own ecig story (without an agenda) can have more of an impact than you might think.

There are many recent studies you can share the next time you’re speaking with a loved one about trying an ecig. For example, the study by psychologist Christopher Russell and colleagues at the Centre for Drug Misuse in Glasgow, Scotland. This study was comprised of 7,300 respondents and conducted over the course of 12 weeks in the summer of 2014. All respondents said they had used an ecig at least once, and of that, 5,000 people stated that they were habitual smokers when they tried their first ecig. Russell’s data proves overwhelmingly that vaping is becoming a successful alternative for so many smokers. At the study’s conclusion, an impressive 80% of those who were habitual smokers had completely stopped consuming combustible tobacco since switching to ecigs.

If you are ready to help a friend or family member make the switch, make sure to email or share this blog post on social media so they can read the latest ecig data for themselves!


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