Can a Vape Pen Help Prevent Forest Fires?

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vape pen ban in national parks v2.comAt first blush the connection between vape pen use and preventing forest fires might seem tenuous, but there is in fact a good case to be made. Forest fires capture headlines every year, especially in the western United States, where thousands of acres of fires result in millions of dollars in property damage, not to mention the millions spent in fire suppression tactics. And one of the leading causes of forest fires? Humans, and cigarettes.

Enter the vape pen as an alternative to combustible smoking. Our own Jan Verleur, co-founder and CEO of V2, makes that case in an op-ed piece for the Washington Examiner. The piece was largely a response to the National Park Service’s ill advised decision to ban vape pen and electronic cigarette use in national parks. We had written about the decision on this blog when it first came out, where we pointed out how hard V2 and others in the industry have been working to make the distinction between a vape pen and a tobacco cigarette.

The Park Service had banned vape pen and ecig products in all the same places where combustible cigarettes are banned – a huge disappointment. Part of the flaw in that reasoning is that banning cigarettes has done little to prevent people from smoking in parks, where they shouldn’t be, and starting fires anyway.

“People are tired of knee-jerk, bureaucratic moves that make little sense to anyone who takes the time to get the facts straight,” Verleur writes. “And the facts are clear: Electronic cigarettes do not create fire hazards in parks. On the contrary, e-cigs could help prevent forest fires to begin with. And that’s something we should sit up and pay attention to.”

Read the full text of the opinion piece here. What do you think of the logic behind banning your vape pen or ecig in national parks? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below or on the V2 Facebook page!

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