Can I Fly with My Vaporizer in a Checked Bag?

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No. Always keep your vaporizer or ecig battery in your carry-on luggage. Here’s why…

can i fly with my vaporizerThe Department of Transportation announced early last week that it has teamed up with the Pipelines and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to ban vaporizer or ecig batteries from checked bags when flying any commercial airplanes. Most airlines have instructed passengers to leave their vaporizers in their carry-on luggage for some time now; the new ruling makes doing so mandatory. And there’s a good reason for it.

Expected to take effect this month, the new law does not target the actual vaporizer, but the lithium ion battery that powers it. On a commercial airliner, the checked bags are kept in a compartment that is not pressurized, unlike the cabin which carries the passengers. This loss of pressure can cause a lithium ion battery to become unstable and in that state, the battery could catch fire or worse.

The U.S. Fire Administration published an Electronic Cigarette Fires and Explosions Report in 2014 outlining the hazards associated with ecig and vaporizer batteries from a fire and safety standpoint. The report detailed over 20 fire incidents related to e-cigarettes that have been reported on commercial airlines over the past six years. Fortunately, their findings have little to do with vilifying the vaporizer industry and are essential to the safety of passengers on airplanes. While we’re always discouraged to see major media outlets like the Associated Press cover anything related to vaporizers and fire, this particular regulation is absolutely necessary and one we fully support.

Besides, the new ruling isn’t all bad news; airline passengers are still allowed to carry their electronic cigarette or personal vaporizer with them in their carry-on bags when flying. It is important to note that while vapers are allowed to keep their vaporizer with them on the plane, the are not permitted to use the device on the airplane or outside of a specifically designed section of the airport. We are dedicated to keeping V2 customers in-the-know about all relative vapor news and any rulings regarding airline travel are of particular interest. Thankfully, this particular law is easily managed and makes a lot of sense.

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