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CDC Report Supports Electronic Cigarette Use

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cdc report on electronic cigarette use by smokers at v2.comThe electronic cigarette industry has finally received support through scientific evidence from a credible government agency after years of negative media headlines and misguided rumors: the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, a federal government agency dedicated to “saving lives and protecting people 24/7,” released a new report in October examining the use of e-cigarettes. This report delved into why people are turning to vapor devices, what demographics are using an electronic cigarette, and for how long.

We discussed the report in an earlier post, but we thought it was a great idea to highlight a few key points that we all should know and appreciate. It’s our belief that opinions about electronic cigarette and vapor products should be created around scientific based information. The findings outlined in the CDC’s report could help you the next time you are having a conversation about e-cigarettes, vaporizers and whether or not they are a reliable, adult alternative to receiving nicotine.

Here are four key points from the CDC report that every vaper should know:

– The CDC’s “Electronic Cigarette Use Among Adults: United States, 2014” is the first study of its kind to be released by a large federal agency. With such a massive report from a large, credible government agency, we are hoping to see further scientific studies from other equally-credible agencies in the future.

– The CDC’s report clearly shows that current and former smokers make up the vast majority of electronic cigarette users. This data contradicts the anti electronic cigarette rhetoric which claims vapor products threaten public health by attracting non-smoking consumers.

– Statistically, electronic cigarette and vapor products have helped a large percentage of smokers significantly reduce their tobacco cigarette consumption. In fact, the CDC report showed that 55.4 percent of smokers in their study reported quitting tobacco by using e-cigarettes.

– Non-smokers don’t seem very interested in vaping, which we have heard from customers for years and want to continue to share with everyone!

What new information did you learn from the CDC’s electronic cigarette report? Even if the study confirmed about the electronic cigarette industry what you have known all along due to personal experience, tell us in the comment section! Make sure to also share this blog post with your friends on Facebook and Twitter to help further educate your vaping and non-vaping friends!

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