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Could Ecigarette Use be Banned in Public Housing?

Filed in News & Politics by on November 26, 2015 0 Comments

ecigarette ban in public housing at v2.comA newly introduced federal rule could potentially ban the use of ecigarette and other vapor products in public housing projects. The mandate made headlines by prohibiting the use of combustible tobacco products, but we fear there may be a move to include ecigarettes as well.

Many government entities, from states and municipalities to the National Park Service, are sweeping ecigarette products into the same category as tobacco cigarettes, much to the dismay of many vapers. Like other vapor companies, we at V2 spend a lot of time educating the public by making the differences clear between vaping and smoking, but the tendency to conflate these two very different activities is continuing.

Still, taking the ban inside people’s homes – even at public housing complexes – seems like going a step too far. Greg Conley, president of the American Vaping Association, points out that an ecigarette does not create second-hand smoke in the same way cigarette smoking does – a frequent, and frustrating, misconception about the ecigarette or vaporizer (which we’ve previously written about).

“Vapor products create no smoke and leave behind no lingering smell, so outside of hiring peeping Toms, there is simply no way to enforce such a ban,” Conley told US News and World Report.

The rule would not apply to ecigarette use just yet, but federal officials are seeking input about whether to include them in the ban.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development’s proposed rule would affect 1.2 million American households residing in public housing units across the country. The department requested input about whether to include vapor products, such as a vaporizer or ecigarette, when it issues its final regulatory rule after a 60-day public comment period.

The new rules comes on the heels of another national ban prohibiting airline passengers from packing their ecigarette or other vapor product in checked luggage, which we’ve also opined about.


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