Guide for Electronic Cigarette Batteries

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how to use an electronic cigarette battery v2.comAs most vapers know, lithium ion batteries – the kind used in electronic cigarette products – are extremely safe when used properly. But as with any technology, proper handling of batteries is the way to go. Most of the mishaps we hear about involving electronic cigarette batteries are completely avoidable with a little bit of common sense. So we thought a refresher in basic electronic cigarette battery handling was in order.

We sometimes take our e-cigarettes for granted. Their sleek design and simple functioning make it easy to forget there’s actually breakthrough technology hidden beneath the shiny casing. Smart vapers will handle their electronic cigarette products – batteries included – like the advanced technology they really are.

Here are some basic dos and don’ts to keep you and your electronic cigarette battery safe.

DO use the correct charging attachments, as supplied by the brand. Hopefully that brand was V2! But whatever the case, e-cigs are designed to be compatible with the brand’s own chargers. Don’t mix and match when it comes to your electronic cigarette battery.

DO buy from a reputable company with a track record of safety. At V2, we pride ourselves on constantly innovating when it comes to technology and design. It’s no accident that we’ve been the largest online distributor of electronic cigarette products for years now. Our standards for safety are also high, so you can be assured you’re getting a top-of-the-line product when it comes to electronic cigarette batteries.

DON’T use damaged batteries. Ever! Period.

DON’T expose your battery to extreme temperatures in either direction. Direct sunlight or intense heat, as well as freezing temperatures, can damage electronic cigarette batteries. That means being vigilant if you tend to charge your battery in the car and are prone to leaving it there.

DON’T let your battery near water. Or anything that conducts electricity, for that matter. We sometimes forget where we put our electronic cigarette batteries, and they can end up jangling around with keys or other metal materials that can carry an electrical spark. Just avoid that combination altogether.

All good with battery safety? Check out our electronic cigarette battery page for our newest rechargeable battery, or to restock your favorite.

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  1. Bob Sherlock says:

    I received two standard batteries in early November and am disappointed in their lack of capacity. I’m not a heavy user, a little over one cartridge per day and expect that a fully charged battery should last more than about two hours.

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