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Public Ecigarette Use Banned in Maine

Filed in News & Politics by on November 6, 2015 0 Comments

maine restricts ecigarette use v2.comMaine is the latest U.S. state that has banned ecigarette use in public places where traditional tobacco smoking is also prohibited. This move is another result of local elected officials making decisions without talking to people on both sides of the issue. While Bangor’s Public Health Director and Maine House Majority Leader Jeff McCabe have told local news stations that this is a win for the state, we urge them to talk to local vapers to get another perspective. They need to take into account those who have chosen an ecigarette because it is an adult, smoke-free alternative that is more cost effective and provides low doses of nicotine without many of the harmful chemicals found in traditional tobacco cigarettes

Ecigarette and vapor devices use electricity to heat up nicotine and flavoring mixtures, producing a smoke-free, practically odor-less vapor. There is no leaf tobacco in V2 Platinum E-Liquids, which is why we have always urged the public to not lump the ecigarette into the tobacco category, and instead view them as a separate, new way of receiving nicotine.

This new ecigarette ban in Maine restricts vapers from using their vapor devices in restaurants, playgrounds, beaches and any other public places where traditional tobacco smoking is prohibited. Because laws like this seem to pass so quickly and vary by region, we always advise V2 customers to understand and follow all local and state laws as it relates to vaping. As an industry leader, we have always prompted vapers to not use their ecigarette around animals or children and to always be mindful of others when vaping outside of their private homes.

This news is a reminder to each individual vaper of why they need to do their part to share positive, accurate information about the ecigarette and vaporizer community. By continuing to educate uninformed non-vapers, the stigma associated with vapor devices can change for the better. With so much misinformation circulating online and in the media, it’s up to ecigarette enthusiasts to engage in open and honest dialogue.

If you are a loyal V2 fan, tell us in the comment section why you made the switch to vaping! Perhaps your testimony could help change the mind of someone who is reading this blog post. In the meantime, make sure to share this blog post with your friends on Facebook and Twitter—the more everyone shares new information about the ecigarette industry, the better chance the vapor community has to thrive!


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