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Some Bold Commentary on Ecigs

Filed in News & Politics by on November 11, 2015 0 Comments

ecigs in the news v2.comIt’s not hard to find strong opinions on ecigs and the many aspects of the vaping life, but lately there’s been a flurry of bold opinion pieces on the subject. (Including – coming soon – one by our own CEO and co-founder, Jan Verleur. More on that later.)

We salute vigorous public discourse and encourage intelligent, informed discussion. As vapers and vape advocates, it’s important to be part of the ongoing debate and conversation about ecigs, and part of that means listening to what’s being argued. In case you missed it, here are some recent opinion pieces that are worth noting.

Can E-Cigarettes Save Lives? The New York Times isn’t known for its pro-vaping stance. In fact, the paper has published many pieces with a critical slant on the vape industry, especially in recent years as the debate over regulating ecigs has raged. So we’re always pleased to see Joe Nocera’s opinion pieces, like the one earlier this month urging the tobacco control community – anti-tobacco advocates who have lumped ecigs in with regular tobacco products – to engage, rather than vilify, top e-cigarette and vaporizer companies. The argument here is that the FDA has yet to come up with workable standards for the industry, which continues to grow as it meets consumer demand. Opponents, therefore, should work with the industry to further both sides’ needs. A novel thought – and worth a careful read.

An (un)healthy Tax on Ecigs? When states and municipalities are in a bind, they often turn to taxing, or increasing taxes, on things like cigarettes. A recent Utah editorial urges the state to add ecigs to the list of tax hikes to help pay for the state’s growing Medicaid costs. We think this is a sad conclusion. The writer states that taxes should be levied on items that “cause more and more people to need medical care,” but one can hardly make such a statement about ecigs. Anyone who’s taken the time to study the issue knows there is research showing ecigs can be a positive alternative to the deadliest of habits: smoking. Until the issue is resolved, we think it’s irresponsible and even dangerous to make such blanket statements.

Why Zoning is the Next Big Threat to America’s Vape Stores. ECigIntelligence had an interesting take on the lag in regulation of the growing vaping industry. Rather than waiting for federal and state laws, more and more local governments are passing rules prohibiting ecigs in the same spaces where smoking is outlawed. This is definitely a familiar thread for us, as we’ve kept abreast of cities big and small taking these measures. The piece raises the alarm, saying this move is one in a series that threaten the industry. Though our industry growth is still healthy, we couldn’t agree more.

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