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Vaporizer Use in the Great Outdoors

Filed in Vaporpedia by on November 25, 2015 0 Comments

using a vaporizer outdoors at v2.comLike much of the vaporizer community, we enjoy the great outdoors almost as much as we like having quality time with our vape pens and favorite e-liquid flavors. Since we’re always fine-tuning our vaporizer performance and experimenting with different environments, we’ve noticed slight variations in the experience when vaping outdoors versus in a home or vehicle. We asked around, and it turns out that plenty of other vapers feel the same way.

Some don’t notice any difference at all, so keep in mind these are subjective points. Still, here are a few things to keep in mind when using your vaporizer in the great outdoors.

Vapor thickness — or perception of thickness — can seem less outdoors. We think this is partially because vapor is less dense than cigarette smoke, and dissipates more quickly, so being outside only amplifies that effect. If there’s a breeze, the effect is greater. It might seem like you take a puff and there’s practically no vapor to speak of. Also, we think psychology has something to do with it: brighter natural light outdoors can make it harder to see the vapor coming from your vaporizer, so it seems like there’s no vapor at all. Our tip? Close your eyes, if appropriate. Focus on the throat hit and feel of the vapor, as opposed to looking for the vapor cloud after exhaling.

Flavors can seem different outdoors. We’re aware that extreme temperatures can have important effects on ecigarette and vaporizer batteries, but there can also be subtle differences in the flavor of e-liquids with temperature fluctuations as well. Some think this is because the e-juice itself become thicker in cold temperatures, and thinner in hot weather. Either scenario can affect the flavor. So if this is happening to you, it’s likely due to the weather and not your vaporizer (whew!).

Don’t disregard the rules — or even perception. It’s important to keep your metaphorical vaporizer advocacy hat on when outside, as vapors are de facto ambassadors for the whole industry. Many public parks have banned smoking, and, perversely, those laws often apply to your electronic cigarette and vaporizer. Do your research before bring your vaporizer to the beach or park. If you do bring it, be discreet. And once you decide to vape outdoors, be mindful of those who might be unfamiliar, since a beautiful plume of vapor might be startling to the uninitiated.

What are your outdoor vaping experiences? Share in the comments section or on our Facebook page.


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