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Vaporizers & Other Things V2 is Thankful For

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people who use vaporizers v2.comThanksgiving is just a few weeks away and we’re getting our vaporizers and our stomachs ready! November is the time of year that we like to reflect on the past months and give thanks for our V2 global community. The V2 team is spread out across a variety of cities and countries working to deliver superior vapor flavor and innovative technology, but none of that would be possible if we didn’t have loyal ecig and vaporizer customers like you! In honor of our growing business and awesome customers, we put together a short list of things we are extremely grateful and appreciative of this Thanksgiving season.

The Internet – Without the Internet, we wouldn’t even be in business. As a small technology company that started off selling electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers online, we are appreciative for the innovative technology and accessibility that has served as a platform to grow our business.

V2 Forum Feedback – our beloved forum is where we get to interact day in and day out with many of the folks who buy our ecigs and vaporizers. With the availability of our forum and fast Internet speeds, we get invaluable feedback on customer service, vapor flavors, new products, marketing, branding and shipping logistics constantly. This feedback ultimately helps us identify where improvements can be made on everything from eliquids to vaporizers, plus it keeps us informed about what our customers like about V2.

Our Loyal Customers – We would be nothing without our wonderful and dedicated customers in the United States and across the world. Every single one of our customers, whether they spend $10 or $100, is important to us and we are dedicated to doing everything in our power to make them happy on all forefronts. We understand that our industry offers all types of vaporizers and ecigs The knowledge that millions of people have chosen our brand to be their go-to is humbling and something for which we are incredibly appreciative and grateful!

E-Cigarettes & Vaporizers – While we were not the first company to offer ecigs and vaporizers, we are thankful for the technology and to our smart engineers who have taken the concept and improved it over the years. Without the early vaporizers that were first imagined in the 1960s, our current business would not be possible and we would have missed the opportunity to change millions of customer’s lives. The combination of hard work, dedication, technology and creativity has allowed our industry of vaporizers and ecigs to become a leading market and for that, we are grateful!

Now that you know what the V2 team is thankful for this fall season, tell us what you appreciate! Whether it’s your loved ones, a great job, your collection of vaporizers or furry pet, tell us in the comment section below and make sure to share this blog post on Facebook and Twitter!

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