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Zig-Zag™ E-Liquid Flavors for Winter Weather

Filed in New Products by on November 13, 2015 0 Comments

V2 Platinum E-Liquid is known for its superior vapor flavor and is one of the reasons the V2 brand is a leader in the vapor industry—but have you ever tried Zig-Zag™ E-Liquid or cartridges? On the official website, we sell a variety of delicious V2 flavors that are preferred by vapers all over the globe, but many people have yet to try the Zig-Zag line. Zig-Zag flavors sold on the V2 website have been formulated to provide our loyal customers with additional vaping enjoyment and e-liquid options when they want to diversify their flavor selection.

Just like V2 Flavor Cartridges, Zig-Zag Flavor Cartridges are engineered to provide customers with approximately 200 puffs per cartridge. The Zig-Zag flavors sold on our website offer some of the best combinations for the fall and winter seasons. Whether you want your e-liquid flavor to reflect the ambiance of the fall and winter seasons, or you want to taste a flavor that brings you back to a warm and cozy place, Zig-Zag has plenty to offer.

zig-zag eliquid flavors at v2.comAvailable in 1.8% and 2.4% nicotine strength, the most popular Zig-Zag e-liquid flavor is Clove. This flavor offers a spicy remnant of gingerbread and pumpkin while delivering a hot kick needed to keep you warm while it’s cold out.

For all of our mint fanatics out there, add another menthol flavor to your e-liquid cartridge lineup with Zig-Zag Menthol. This flavor is different from any V2 Menthol formula, but offers a similar, tasty blast of mint. We think it goes great with any festive, holiday sweet treat.

Finally, if you are in the mood for a few surprises, try the Zig-Zag Variety Pack, featuring a very popular and highly demanded Columbian Coffee Flavor. For all the coffee lovers out there, spice up your morning coffee session with a new Coffee vapor flavor and you will find yourself pleasantly surprised! This flavor can go with any holiday meal or festive desert.

All Zig-Zag Flavor Cartridges are available on the V2 Cartridges page and come in 5, 20 and 40-Pack Quantities. We know many V2 customers are always looking for new, high quality e-liquid flavors to add to their collection and our Zig-Zag e-liquid and cartridge flavors are a great option. If you’ve already tried a particular Zig-Zag e-liquid flavor, let us know what you liked about it in the comment section and help your fellow V2 vapers make an educated vapor decision.

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