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A Bright Future for the Global Ecigarette Industry

Filed in News & Politics by on December 15, 2015 0 Comments

ecigarette industry growth 2016 at v2.comWhen examining the wild, wild west that is the ecigarette industry, the number of local, corporate and medium online and in-store brand names to choose from is overwhelming. As the leader in smart vapor design and technology, V2 is excited to be at the forefront of the ecigarette industry as it surpasses $6.1 Billion in sales. We are still fairly small compared to the massive ecigarette firms owned by Big Tobacco, but we know that our years of business and long-term loyal customers have positively contributed to the mainstream popularity of e-cigs among adult tobacco smokers.

While the Telegraph reported that the sale of nicotine patches and gum have fallen in countries like the United Kingdom for the first time ever, at the same time, the vapor industry has seen exponential growth. This is happening because more adults are finally learning that vapor devices are a reliable, adult alternative to receiving nicotine from combustible tobacco. In fact, Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT) like the patch and gum sold by pharmaceutical companies are experiencing their first ever decline in sales in the UK, which many see as a sign that consumers are looking elsewhere for nicotine replacement tools.

Currently, the United States is in the lead as the country with the most ecigarette sales and the UK comes in as second. The UK report is good news for the vapor industry as a whole and these concrete numbers are proving that ecigarette products are a viable tool to help consumers transition away from traditional tobacco cigarettes. V2 is especially proud to offer a variety of vapor products to customers on a global level. We plan to continue to provide smarter technology to more people looking for a smoke-free, combustion-free alternative.

While no one knows for sure, some analysts estimate that the ecigarette industry will reach $50 Billion by 2030, based on current sales and market trends. Right now, it is estimated that 10 percent of American adults vape and with successful vapers continuing to refer their loves ones who are still smoking tobacco, that number is expected to increase.

We’re approaching a pivotal time in the ecigarette industry. As one of the pioneers in the technology sector that is stimulating the economy, we are providing millions of smokers with a real alternative, while creating thousands of jobs. With tobacco smoking still causing 480,000 deaths per year in the United States alone, the ecigarette industry’s strong economic growth is a positive sign for many people’s pockets and lifestyle.

If you appreciate electronic cigarettes or personal vaporizers for offering you a smoke-free, adult alternative to tobacco, make sure to tell us in the comment section below and share this blog post with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.


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