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Are There Benefits to Higher Strength Eliquid?

Filed in News & Politics by on December 10, 2015 0 Comments

high nicotine strength eliquid at v2.comWhile many adults have tried various brands of eliquid flavors from local convenience stores in an effort to get away from tobacco smoking, many have still not found a satisfying experience due to the low nicotine level or lackluster quality.

At V2, we believe in providing a solution to this reoccurring problem by offering eliquid and cartridges in multiple nicotine strengths, including our highest—2.4%. When vapers consume nicotine through an ecig, they actually absorb much less nicotine than when they smoke a traditional tobacco cigarette. This means that for a smoker to find a similar experience using an ecig, they need an eliquid with a high nicotine level. It is these higher levels that make the electronic cigarette a truly viable alternative to combustible tobacco.

Anti-tobacco advocates like Matt Myers, the founder and president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, has endorsed eliquid vapor devices as an adult alternative to receiving nicotine without taking in the thousands of known carcinogenic chemicals that are commonly found in tobacco cigarettes. Myers is on the record as saying that if “responsibly marketed and properly regulated, e-cigarettes could benefit the public health.” In addition to Myers, several doctors and studies have proven that when we are talking about a way to transition away from tobacco smoking, the eliquid in electronic cigarettes is “a better, less harmful alternative.”

A recent New York Times opinion editorial piece by Joe Nocera, a writer who covers business, regulatory news and Wall Street topics, discussed how eliquid and electronic cigarettes should be embraced, accepted and properly regulated in an effort to help adults learn about ways to transition away from tobacco cigarettes. “…Anti-tobacco advocates could talk about the reduced harm potential of e-cigarettes with a clear conscience, without the involvement of the federal government.”

If V2 eliquid and ecigs have positively impacted your life, tell us your vapor story in the comment section below. Make sure to share this article with your friends and loved ones on Facebook and Twitter; you’ll help reduce the negative stigma and do your part in educating your personal network.


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