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Time to Graduate to a V2 Pro Vaporizer?

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upgrade to a v2 pro vaporizer at v2.comEven the most expert vaporizer fan probably started their vapor journey with a V2 disposable electronic cigarette or our Classic V2 line of batteries and cartridges. Beginning consumers prefer V2 for our superior vapor flavor and simple components that are easy to understand and operate, regardless of their vapor or technical expertise. After exploring the V2 line and understanding what your personal vaper preferences are, you may realize that you love technology and vaping so much that it’s time to graduate to something with a more power: the V2 Pro personal vaporizer line. These larger, more sophisticated devices fulfill a variety of needs for serious vapor enthusiasts. If you are still on the fence about whether or not you should invest in a new V2 Pro vaporizer, we have outlined a few of the signs it might be time to graduate to V2 Pro.

You need longer vapor sessions – The large battery in the V2 Pro Series 3 and Series 7 offers hours of satisfaction and is perfect for those vapers who are constantly busy and on-the-go. Whether you work long hours or need something heavy duty for your weekend outings, a V2 Pro Series 3 or 7 vaporizer is the perfect solution for enjoying longer, more powerful vapor sessions.

You want even bigger vape clouds – If you’ve done even a little of vaporizer research on YouTube or Google, you have likely stumbled upon the cloud chasing niche within the vapor industry. This community consists of a competitive and fun group of people who are constantly looking to vape massive clouds and compete with their friends online and offline. If this sounds like something you want to take part in, a vaporizer is a must…and the V2 Pro Series 7 is the perfect way to get started.

You want to vape different mediums – The V2 Pro vaporizer line is multi-medium capable; meaning there are compatible cartridges for loose leaf, e-liquid and wax. For different days and different moods, you can vape a variety of materials and flavors without having to use different devices. These cartridges are disposable, so maintaining your vaporizer is a breeze. Unlike other devices on the market, which only vaporize one type of material and require constant upkeep, the cartridges of your V2 Pro vaporizer can simply be disposed of if they become dirty or lodged with debris. Just drop in a new cartridge and you’re ready to go.

You have an interest into the technical side of vaping – It’s time to graduate to a V2 Pro vaporizer when you want more than you can get with a microcig. Our V2 Classic and V2 EX lines are second to none for their category, but nothing compares to breakthrough technology of a V2 Pro vaporizer. For all of the tech vapor geeks out there, the variable voltage and temperature capabilities of V2 Pro are match made in cloud chaser heaven.

You want more power – V2 electronic cigarettes offer smooth flavor and thick vapor production, but if you want even more power– a V2 Pro vaporizer is a great upgrade. With additional hours of battery life as well as the option to vape while your vaporizer is connected to a charging outlet, you can’t go wrong with V2 Pro.

You want to show your vapor pride – When someone first starts out vaping, it’s so new to them that they aren’t yet confident enough or perhaps don’t know enough to vape freely and proudly. As vapers get more comfortable with their V2 products, they become the sophisticated veteran with no issue vaping in public. As time goes on, they’re less interested in being discreet and more focused on the overall experience (not to mention showing off their new vapor gadget). For this reason, many vapers turn to V2 Pro because they want an innovative, savvy and large vapor device to make a lifestyle and fashion statement. It’s a general rule of thumb that anyone vaping via a tank-style vaporizer is traditionally viewed as a seasoned vaper who appreciates the finer things.

If any of the above points sound familiar, it’s time to upgrade to a V2 Pro vaporizer! If you have another reason why you have upgraded to V2 Pro, tell us in the comment section below. Make sure to share this blog post with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter to help them realize when it’s time to graduate to a personal vaporizer.

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