v2cigs.com is now v2.com

V2Cigs.com is now V2.com!

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v2cigs.com is now v2.comWith multiple brands and ever-expanding product lines, V2 has built a vapor empire on its foundation of proven electronic cigarette technology. We’ve come to be the top-rated vaporizer manufacturer; providing customers with affordable 3-in-1 technology, plus a range of accessories that are second to none. As we continue to innovate and grow, we’ve realized that V2Cigs.com no longer represents the global distributor we’ve become. We remain the leading online ecig distributor, but we’ve evolved to offer so much more. For this reason, we’re happy to announce that V2Cigs.com is now V2.com!

While our Web address has changed, the company you trust has not. We remain dedicated to delivering the best possible experience; from our groundbreaking product lines and stellar customer service, to the user-friendly Website you know.

If you have V2Cigs.com bookmarked on your computer or mobile device, save some time by updating it to V2.com.

Thank you for being a loyal customer and welcome to V2.com!

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  1. I have tried other brands but this one tops them all. Great variety and accessories to chose from tastes and aromas, great prices, and great service. Those who say E cigarettes are are harmful are lying. My doctor recommended that I should buy E cigarettes, and those who say they are harmful are from company’s who profit on regular cigarettes.

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