5 Ecigarette Facts to Remember in 2016

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ecigarette facts by v2.comSince January is traditionally the ecigarette industry’s busiest month, we know that many people make a resolution to try e-cigarettes at the beginning of the year. If you are one of those and 2016 marks a year of positive change, give yourself a round of applause.

Vaping can be the alternative to combustible cigarettes for some smokers. According to data recently released by the CDC, 16.8% of adults smoke —down from 20.9% in 2005 and 17.8% in 2013. If you find yourself at this crossroads, giving an ecigarette a try might provide a very satisfying alternative. Here are five more reasons why.

You can control the amount of nicotine. The options for new vapers vary widely, and so does the amount of nicotine in eliquids and ecigarette cartridges. At V2 we offer five different nicotine strengths, and some new vapers like to start with the highest of 2.4 percent. For those who want the vape experience without the nicotine, or who want to progress to that point, e-liquids are available at lower levels, right down to zero, so you can adjust the amount to your taste.

You can customize your ecigarette experience. Not only can you control the amount of nicotine in your e-cig, but there are many options to tailor your vaping experience so that it suits you. A few years ago, disposables dominated, but today there are a variety of vaporizers and e-liquids are available. It’s important to note, however, that whatever customizing you’re doing, always use the proper chargers and other accessories for the best experience and to ensure battery safety.

You will save money by vaping instead of smoking. Cigarette smoking is not only toxic, it’s expensive. The Dallas Morning News recently did the math: a pack-a-day smoker can spend anywhere from $1,500 a year (in a low-tax state) all the way to about $5,000 in New York, where a pack can run $13. (The annual average is about $2,250 a year.) Looking at e-cigarettes, the first consideration is whether to use disposable prefilled cartridges or a reusable blank. There’s a larger upfront investment with reusable cartridges, but they can offer greater savings over time. For an initial investment starting at around $25.00, plus cartridges, a smoker in an average state would save almost $1,800 a year, and the savings can be more dramatic if you graduate to a larger tank system.

Vaping is allowed in some smoke-free places. Sadly, vaping is misunderstood by many local legislators and the science behind ecigrette consumption is largely ignored. Smokeless tobacco products are sometimes allowed in otherwise smoke-free environments, but vapers can’t count on it. Many large cities like Los Angeles, Chicago and New York have restricted vaping in most public venues. Sometimes vaporizers are part of overall smoking bans, while some areas have fuzzy rules about where you can freely use your ecigarette, from theaters to retail stores, restaurants or bars. The best advice is to check before you vape.

Expect changes in your sense of smell and taste. As they move away from combustible cigarettes, some vapers report that the smell of cigarettes is suddenly more obvious (and unpleasant) than it ever was when smoking, or they experience a stronger sense of taste as their palate “wakes up” after a heavy smoking habit. These changes are all positive and help many vapers in their transition.


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