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New Products from CES for Ecig Techies

Filed in Lifestyle by on January 21, 2016 0 Comments

ecig fans love ces at v2.comEarlier this month in Las Vegas, thousands of ecig fans and techies from around the world came together to commence the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), spotlighting the best and newest innovations in technology. As regular vapers, we have a fond appreciation for technology and the way it can improve one’s life. Without our easy-to-use V2 ecig OR V2 Pro personal vaporizer, some of us in the V2 office headquarters wouldn’t have made the switch from tobacco. Thanks to technology, we now substitute our tobacco habits with a smoke-free, vapor alternative. Technology has not only evolved the way we consume nicotine but also the way we communicate with loved ones, date, connect with people, learn and be entertained.

Everything from tech products for your kids to furniture in your home to virtual reality video games was spotlighted this year at CES 2016. To update our V2 ecig fans who love all things tech, we created a list of our favorite items from CES 2016. This list makes us excited for what is to come in 2016 and beyond in terms of using technology to enhance our lives, making us more efficient and hopefully, happier.

4Moms Self-Installing Baby Seat – For all of the parents out there, this is a safety tech gadget you will likely appreciate. According to, 70 percent of car seats for young children are improperly installed. In response, 4Moms, an innovative baby product company based in Pittsburgh, has designed a baby car seat that will install itself. What does that mean exactly? It will properly angle the seat, secure the seatbelt and make sure the baby seat is in the best, safest position in your car. While the price of this product is pretty steep ($500), we like the design and sophistication of this product. It shouldn’t take a PhD in engineering for a parent to know how to properly set up their child’s baby seat.

Ford electric, autonomous cars – With $4 billion in research and development, Ford announced at CES that they are working on smarter, more efficient vehicles that can drive themselves! Ford is proactively working to compete with the big boys in technology and cars, including Teslas’s founder and CEO, Elon Musk. Ford is also working on its own software that will be available for both Ford and other brands of smart cars, and even Smartphones! We’re excited to see cars transition into faster, safer and cooler modes of transportation while hopefully letting us feel like we’re living in the Jetson’s! (And really, the smart ecig technology of V2 Pro will go with a smart car perfectly, don’t you think?)

Sleep Number “It” Bed – Sleep Number is a reliable brand name for comfortable and intuitive beds. At CES 2016, they unveiled their latest product titled “it.” The “it” bed specifically measures how and when you sleep and provides in-depth analytics, including your heart rate, breathing rate and when you move throughout the night. All of this data is delivered to an app on your smartphone to help you see and understand your sleeping patterns and sleep smarter. The “it” bed learns what atmosphere your body prefers to sleep in and adjusts accordingly. For example, if its analytics show that you sleep better when it is colder, “it” can tell your thermostat to lower the temperature when necessary. The “it” bed starts at $1,000 and is expected to be available for sale this summer.

What other cool tech gadgets did you see or hear about at CES 2016? Tell us in the comments section below and make sure to share this blog post with your techie friends on Facebook and Twitter!


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