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UK Approves Ecigarette Prescriptions in 2016

Filed in News & Politics by on January 6, 2016 1 Comment

ecigarette for quitting smoking prescription approved by UK at v2.comAfter Public Health England (PHE) announced late last year that ecigarette products are 95% “safer” than tobacco cigarettes, the government is quietly rolling out prescription based ecigarette licensing via general doctor practices throughout the United Kingdom. Doctors will be prescribing approved ecigarettes to patients in 2016 in an effort to help them successfully quite tobacco smoking. This move by the UK government further proves that ecigarettes are mostly used and marketed to tobacco smokers looking for an adult, smoke-free and tobacco-free alternative.

This is positive news for the ecigarette industry as a whole and when partnered with common sense regulation, this could be an ideal model that the U.S. government and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) could follow for American consumers. While only specific brands will be licensed to be prescribed by UK doctors under this new smoking cessation agenda, we believe the reputation of ecigarettes will improve. Many people may start to look at vapor devices as another nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), similar to nicotine patches and gum. Many ecigarette and personal vaporizer supporters have taken to social media to voice their appreciation for the industry and have said first-hand that ecigarettes are helping them “achieve higher rates of success of stopping tobacco smoking compared to nicotine patches and gums.”

Ecigarette purchases and consumption by minors under the age of 18 are already prohibited in England and Wales while Scotland and Northern Ireland are working on similar legislation for their respective countries. The UK government has said that several of its federal health agencies are working to make sure high quality ecigarette products are available to consumers. This is another positive stride for the industry as a whole. As one of the first ecigarette companies to list our e-liquid ingredients, prohibit sales to minors under 18 years old, offer batch reports and put warning labels on our products, V2 fully supports a vapor industry that offers nothing but the best quality and authentic transparency.

With more government agencies and licensed doctors supporting ecigarette use, even in other countries, we’re offered positive insight into how the U.S. government might regulate the vapor industry in 2016. The FDA is in the final stages of compiling and publishing federal regulations for the ecigarette and personal vaporizer industry and as one of the leading ecigarette providers in the world, we are confident sensible policy will be implemented in the new year.

What are your thoughts about this new UK ecigarette policy? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section and make sure to share this vapor industry news with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.


Comments (1)

  1. Jerry says:

    This seems to be saying that we’ll have to pay for doctor appointments and prescriptions in order to continue smoking e-cigarettes. What’s so great about that?

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