Virginia Wants to Ban Ecig Use in Public Places

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virginia wants to ban ecig use in public placesThe state legislature in Virginia is trying to categorize the ecig as a “smoking” product, effectively creating a loophole to ban vapor devices from being used in restaurants and select public places.

Prohibiting ecig use in public places has become an unfortunate trend among several states in the U.S. Senator John C. Miller (D-Newport News) is another state elected official who appears to have made vaping bans a priority over other more pressing issues. Many reputable health organizations around the world have concluded that ecig vapor poses little threat to the public and have stated that further, long-term studies need to be conducted. Unfortunately, this information hasn’t discouraged many U.S. politicians to propose absolute bans on a product that provides smokers with a smoke-free alternative.

Some of the places Senator Miller’s proposed ban would include are movie theaters, malls, elevators, cashier lines, schools, school buses, and day care centers. Some Virginia business owners, including a manager at a local downtown Norfolk restaurant, recently told WTKR Channel 3 News that there has not been a problem with anyone trying to use an ecig in his restaurant. This confirms what we continue to encourage our loyal V2 customers to do—be respectful and considerate towards others when you are in public vaping.

Ecig and personal vaporizer products are electrical devices that heat e-liquid, a medium most commonly containing nicotine and food flavoring. Ecigs do not contain combustible tobacco and do not produce smoke, facts that are often forgotten by non-vapers and elected politicians.

Senator Miller may be missing some of the essential facts about ecig products, but he still has the authority to make it harder for new and seasoned vapor enthusiasts to enjoy their vapor devices while out on the go. With the vapor industry still in its early stages, we encourage V2 customers to continue being considerate to others when vaping in public. In the mean time, it’s important that we all continue to inform friends and colleagues about real ecig facts. Share this blog post with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter in an effort to help inform them about vapor devices. If you live in Virginia, we encourage you to voice your vapor support to Senator Miller via his website or Twitter page. His bill to ban vaping in select spaces is expected to make it to the Senate floor in the next 30 days.


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