Why Vapor Pens are a Better Choice for the Planet

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vapor pens are better for the planet by v2.comWith more research being done on climate change, vapor pens and ecigs are emerging as a better alternative for both the planet and smokers.In a statement published by Public Health, The World Health Organization said that “the global cost of tobacco is undeniable: tobacco cultivation, production and consumption deplete the planet of natural, human and economic resources. Worldwide tobacco production and consumption represents a net economic loss.” While many of us know the economic and personal health downsides to tobacco products, some of you may have not considered the effect tobacco has on the environment.

Buzzfeed recently teamed up with Florida Department of Health’s Tobacco Free Florida program to publish scientific-backed information and statistics showing how bad tobacco cigarettes are for the planet. We thought the information presented was powerful enough to recreate and share with our loyal V2 fan base:

Tobacco cigarettes are not biodegradable – As many former smokers may know, tobacco cigarettes are made with specially designed filters, which are derived from cellulose acetate fibers. While this chemical is used as a synthetic fiber to create cigarette filters, according to a scientific paper from the Journal of Polymers and the Environment, the fiber can take up to 10 years to decompose. Similar to plastic, cigarette butts are bad for the earth and all wild life. In comparison, vapor pens are electronic devices that can be used again and again, depending on the brand and how well you take care of your hardware. Most vapor pens are made of metal, which can be recycled and used to make other electronic devices in the future.

Wild animals can consume and be harmed by cigarette butts – Since cigarette butts are not biodegradable, they typically end up in oceans, parks and other natural habitats where wild fish, birds, turtles and other animals can eat them. More and more reports are popping up across the globe stating that wild life and marine animals are being found dead with plastic and non-biodegradable products in their stomachs.

Cigarettes can start forest fires – Unlike vapor pens and other tech devices like Smartphones, tobacco cigarettes are combustible and can easily start a fire in a park or at home. Many smokers flick their cigarettes into the wind and onto the ground when they are outside. This kind of behavior has caused thousands of smoking-related fires in the U.S. alone with the cost ultimately being shouldered by tax-payers when fire departments and local government agencies have to get involved to clean up damages.

Tobacco cigarette smoke produces carbon emissions – According to the Economic Input-Output Lifecycle Assessment (EIOLCA) models developed by Carnegie Mellon University’s Green Design Institute, the $47 billion tobacco industry in the United States was responsible for producing roughly 16 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents. 2015 was reported as the hottest year in the history of recorded global temperatures. These increasing temperatures can be partly attributed to the number of tobacco cigarettes being smoked around the world. Ultimately, the rise in earth’s temperature is leading to massive glaciers in the northern hemisphere melting, destroying the arctic environments that polar bears and other rare species need to survive.

Cigarette production is responsible for millions of trees being cut down every year – According to Buzzfeed, six hundred million trees are cleared to support the production and manufacturing of tobacco cigarettes. This figure includes the materials used to manufacture the actual cigarette but does not account for the paper needed to market and package tobacco cigarettes. Going electronic, whether it be through the use of vapor pens, a computer, or a Smartphone, can have a hugely positive impact on the number of trees cut down in many parts of the world.

While some of this information can be a bit discouraging, it’s important to remember that if you are a V2 customer, you are part of the solution by minimizing pollution and deforestation! By using re-usable vapor pens like V2 Pro, you are single-handedly helping to save the planet. Make sure to share this information with your friends on Facebook and Twitter and tell us what you think about this new information in the comment section below!


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