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A Vape Pen for Valentine’s Day

Filed in Lifestyle by on February 4, 2016 0 Comments

give a vape pen this valentine's day at v2.comDoes your significant other love their vape pen? Maybe they’re trying to move away from smelly and toxic combustibles? Show your partner how much you care this Valentine’s Day with some fresh ideas for vape pen and accessory gifts.

Below are five ideas guaranteed to beat Valentine’s Day standbys like heart-print boxers or candy.

For your boyfriend who fancies himself a “Leonardo DiVaprio.” Upgrade his current vape pen to one of these versatile devices capable of vaporizing three types of ingredients, E-Liquid, Loose Leaf & Wax.

For the vaper on the go … there’s never been such a wide selection of chargers: USB and car adapters as well as cases in many styles, including our favorite, the V2 iPhone case for storing both of your most important devices in one slim package.

For the traditional Valentine’s Day celebration. Perfect restaurant? Check. Perfect libation? Check. Now for the perfect gift – The V2 Valentine’s Day Kit complete with E-Liquid Flavors (Tobacco/Menthol 6-Flavor Sampler 10ml 1.2% Nicotine,) Batteries (EX, Brushed Steel, Auto) and Accessories (3-Pack V2 EX Blanks for E-Liquid and V2 Express Charger).

For the “virgin vaper.” If your Valentine is just making the switch to vape pen use, then they may welcome encouragement. There are perfect customizable kits with cartridges and batteries that offer a range of power and flavor options – including coffee, chocolate and cola. Vape flavors are what attract a lot of smokers, and many say they lose their taste for nasty combustible cigarettes.

For the fashion fan. If the vaper in your life loves his vape pen so much that he wants to “wear it on his sleeve,” shop in the V2 closet and pick a cool t-shirt or polo he will love.

This is just a short selection of ways to gift your favorite vaper, there are countless others, but Valentine’s Day is around the corner, so we suggest you get to it.


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