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Ecigs Deserve Support from Presidential Hopefuls

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which presidential candidate supports ecigs by v2.comNot one of this year’s Republican and Democrat politicians have spoken out about ecigs. Why not? Being part of the pro-vaping conversation is an excellent way to highlight some hot-button voter issues, like jobs creation, individual rights, or even healthcare.

Here’s a glimpse into how endorsing ecigs makes smart political sense for the nominees – whoever they may be!

The Economy. Ecigs and vaping have disrupted an existing business while creating an entirely new, multi-billion dollar industry. Manufacturers of e-liquids, vaporizers, and other products are also credited with providing many new job opportunities for Americans. According to The New Republic , “thousands of good-paying jobs are being created by an industry that is probably going to save hundreds of thousands of lives.” Every candidate has a healthy economy on their top 10 list, and the vapor industry is doing its part.

Government Regulation. Weighing in on ecigs and vaping gives candidates the opportunity to highlight their views on the role of government and government regulation, a point of interest for many voters. We know that avowed Libertarian candidate Rand Paul is a proponent of curbing FDA regulation.

Some regulation makes perfect sense, of course. The e-cigarette industry concurs with regulations like tamperproof packaging for e-liquid. (V2 Platinum E-Liquids comes in a child-proof bottle with a dropper built into the cap for easy refill.)

However, some of the rules currently under review, like the FDA deeming rule regulating ecigs as a pharmaceutical, or states extending their cigarette tax to ecigs, threaten the very existence of the industry. This is certainly bad for business, and terrible news for vapers. With a majority of Americans believing that “federal regulation of business usually does more harm than good,” it makes good political sense to monitor for overreach, and candidates can win points by speaking their minds here.

Healthcare. Although they have different ideas for going about it, both sides say they want to lower the cost of health care for all Americans. Candidates could argue that lowering the toll from tobacco-related illness – estimated at $170 billion a year- would certainly make inroads toward lowering health insurance premiums. One way of lowering that toll is providing smoke-free options, most notably ecigs.

Data shows that electronic cigarettes are 95 percent less harmful than conventional cigarettes and that vaping can help smokers transition from traditional combustibles. So any aspiring candidate should get the facts on e-cigarettes’ beneficial impact. Tobacco-related illnesses, by the way, sideline millions of workers annually, costing an estimated $96.8 billion per year in lost productivity, absenteeism, and increased use of disability leave, in addition to increasing healthcare costs among workers overall.

In conclusion, both parties vigorously support affordable health care, and a healthy economy free from government overreach. Making the case for e-cigarette support is one way candidates can demonstrate a reasoned argument with good potential return on their investment.

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