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Study Proves Ecigs Save Smokers Money in Florida

Filed in News & Politics by on February 25, 2016 0 Comments

ecigs save smokers money at v2.comStill not convinced that ecigs save you money? A recent online analysis has revealed that smoking is not only hazardous to your health but also to your personal finances. The breakdown, published by, a personal finance website, identified the average cost per person per state when it comes to smoking tobacco cigarettes. With the V2 headquarters located in Miami, Florida, we were motivated to know how much the average Floridian smoker spends on tobacco costs and the figure was astounding! According to the study, Floridian tobacco smokers spend a whopping $1,453,333 in a lifetime.

What exact costs does this figure include? WalletHub reported that they calculated the cost of tobacco smoking for all 50 states and the District of Columbia by adding the cost of a pack of tobacco cigarettes plus taxes imposed on tobacco in each state. They included health care costs associated with smoking tobacco and income losses associated with exposure to cigarettes and secondhand smoke.

Putting the health and environmental effects aside, the cost of smoking tobacco products blew us away and indicates that ecigs and vaporizers are not only a better alternative, but also a more affordable one! We have always found it important to educate our customers about the cost of tobacco smoking versus the cost of vaping V2 ecigs. In fact, we have a chart on the official V2 website analyzing the cost differences and encourage everyone to read it and share it with their friends who smoke.

It’s important to note that cost factors are subjective to each individual, including how long a person smoked tobacco cigarettes, what kind of tobacco products they use and what tobacco taxes are levied in their respective county and state. The overall message this new data indicates is that smoking is really expensive.

With little surprise, Florida is not the most expensive state when it comes to the cost of tobacco smoking. New York earned the number one spot for the most expensive state for smokers with an average annual cost of $48,093 or lifetime cost of $2,452,735. Seeing figures like this makes many of us former smokers in the V2 office even more appreciative that we made the switch to V2 ecigs.

Now that we have this new information, it is up to us to share it with our friends and loved ones. Make sure to share this blog post with your smoking friends via email, Facebook and Twitter—perhaps these dollar figures will provide them with a wake-up call and convince them to take the first step to make the switch to the V2 vapor lifestyle!


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