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Vaping Eliquid Doesn’t Lead To Smoking: Here’s How We Know

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vaping eliquid does not lead to smoking from v2.comAccording to a recent editorial published in the Washington Post, “It’s the Wild West Out There” (January 5, 2016) there’s some very misleading eliquid and ecig information that suggests vaping may lead to smoking among teenagers, or even that e-cigarette makers are targeting or influencing young people.

As eliquid fans know, this is untrue and unfortunate. It stems from the fact that the CDC – for reasons we can only imagine – has targeted vaping as part of its anti-smoking stance. Now, we’re all for eradicating smoking, but what gets us a little crazy is that when the CDC announces a new study, it sometimes implies a link between vaping and cigarette smoking, with absolutely no evidence.

Here’s what the science tells us.

The CDC’s own data shows that smoking among young people has declined steadily in recent years. This is great news.

According to the 2015 nationwide Monitoring the Future study, which annually tracks trends in substance use among 8th, 10th and 12th graders, cigarette smoking among teens in those grades continued a decades-long decline in 2015 and reached the lowest levels recorded since annual tracking began 41 years ago. The study surveys more than 40,000 students in about 400 secondary schools each year throughout the contiguous United States and is in its 41st continuous year.

A new British study released today also found that eliquid ads don’t increase the overall appeal of traditional or e-cigarettes to kids aged 11 to 16.

A more balanced piece would also have included a scientific take on the CDC’s bafflingly distorted “research.” As Dr. Siegel of Boston University writes of the report, “This is not science… It is essentially little more than fear-mongering and an attempt to demonize a product that, for some reason, the CDC doesn’t like.”

As more research and studies on vaping and eliquid are reported, we hope to see some more balanced reporting from news outlets.

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  1. I began vaping in an effort to stop smoking 2 years ago and it worked. I haven’t smoked since. My health has also improved. I really believe that the misinformation on e smokes is a combination of anger from tobacco companies and greed. After all, if vaping can be taxed and controlled, think of the money to be made!

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