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Ecig Fans Compare iPhone & Android

Filed in Lifestyle by on March 25, 2016 0 Comments

do ecig fans prefer iphone or androidAs tech aficionados, ecig fans are particularly tuned into what their smartphones have to offer. For the rest of us, determining which Smartphone truly delivers the best hardware and software can be a bit tricky and depend on what qualities are important to you. AnTuTu, a popular bench-marking site, published a list of the ten best performing Smartphones of last year and they rated Apple’s iPhone 6s number one; however, finding the right phone to fit your needs is really a matter of personal preference. Just like choosing an ecig, shoppers should always do their own research first.

We have put together a quick list of a few pros and cons for each type of phone to help you make a better decision for your upcoming Smartphone shopping expenditure.

iPhone Pros: Photo quality, app availability, fast software, clean branding and easy usability; you won’t ever have to worry about a virus infecting your phone and Apple wallet. And did we mention the cool iPhone case that holds your ecig and is available at

iPhone Cons: Not great battery life, Siri could use some improvement, glass screen easily cracks, the cost is much more significant than Android and iPhones include Apple apps that few people use and can’t be deleted.

Android Pros: More affordable, dual screen options on many Android devices and some Androids come with a touchscreen pen for those who prefer to literally write themselves notes.

Android Cons: Malware infiltration is more likely, Android app store is not as rich, slower software and the camera does not compare to the iPhone 6s. The worst part = there’s no ecig case that fits an Android phone.

Now that you know a few of the ups and downs of each brand of phone, it’s time to decide what attributes in a phone are important to you! Tell us in the comment section below if you are #teamAndroid or #teamiPhone! Make sure to also share this blog post with your frineds on Facbeook and Twitter to see your friends have to say about their Smartphones!


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