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Pending Eliquid Packaging Laws

Filed in News & Politics by on March 2, 2016 0 Comments

eliquid packaging laws approved by congress at v2.comA U.S. Senator and member of the Democratic Party, Tom Udall, recently announced a new eliquid packaging measure that will ultimately add safety to the overall e-cigarette industry. The bill is titled The Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act of 2015 and has officially been signed into law as of the end of January. This new law will essentially require all e-cigarette manufacturers who sell their products in the state of New Mexico to use childproof caps on eliquid bottles. This new requirement will add further legitimacy to the e-cig industry and prevent minors from accessing eliquid formulas.

We all know it is important for parents to be responsible and guard their children from substances and formulas that are not suitable for minors. At the same time, packaging eliquid formulas with childproof caps is an additional measure that the industry can implement to assist with prevention. It will ultimately add another barrier to minors trying to access eliquid bottles while unsupervised.

As e-cigarettes continue to become the number one smoke-free alternative to tobacco, we’re excited to see more companies and elected officials make childproof caps an industry standard. V2 was one of the first e-cigarette companies to use childproof caps and was the very first business to have its eliquid packaging verified by the state of California.

On an even bigger scale, Congress passed legislation last month requiring child-resistant packaging for eliquid products sold in the U.S. The measure swiftly passed in the House of Representatives and was also approved by the Senate. The bill will become law once President Obama signs it, as he is expected to.

It’s important to understand that this common sense approach to e-cigarette regulation is positive news for the overall industry. At the V2 headquarters, we champion politicians fully vetting and implementing reasonable laws that protect both consumers and businesses. Quality and safety is of utmost importance to the V2 team.

What do you think about all of these recent eliquid rules? Make sure to tell us in the comment section and share this blog post with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter. By sharing V2 blog posts like this one, you can show friends that the e-cigarette community is working to further the safety and reliability levels of this new and constantly evolving industry.


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