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Your Ecig Natural Disaster Checklist

Filed in Lifestyle by on March 7, 2016 1 Comment

ecig supplies to keep on-hand for emergencies by v2.comIt’s important to be prepared for unpredictable weather and national security situations, and that includes your ecig supplies. Whether you live on the West Coast in California, the Midwest or in South Florida like us, the last thing you want is to be in the middle of a natural disaster with not enough food, water or vapor supplies.

Items like batteries, gasoline, a generator, water and non-perishable food are essential to making it through a serious snowstorm, hurricane, flooding, wild fire or earthquake. But what about supplies to manage your stress levels? One of the benefits many of our customers tell us online about their V2 ecig is that it helps them calm down during stressful situations. Remaining composed during hard times is essential to one’s mental health and physical safety. For this reason, we have compiled a checklist of essential ecig supplies we believe all V2 vapers should keep stashed in their vapor arsenal.

Several Charged V2 Batteries – If you have a become a pro V2 vaper, you know keeping at least three charged batteries for home, travel and work are essential. We recommend having up to 10 charged V2 batteries in case of a natural disaster. Whether you prefer Classic V2 Batteries, EX Batteries or one of the personal vaporizers from our V2 Pro line, having multiple charged ecig batteries is a necessity to having access to a vaping session during a natural disaster.

Multiple V2 Flavor Cartridges – To make things easy, many of us in the V2 headquarters in Miami always keep a stash of 40 or 80-Packs of V2 Classic Pre-filled Flavor Cartridges for emergencies. Whether a shipment gets lost or delayed during a natural disaster happens, we’re prepared enough to continue vaping up to two weeks with plenty of pre-filled ecig cartridges.

Disposable E-Cigarettes – If a natural disaster ever occurs where you reside, the chances of losing power are very likely. Whether it’s snow, water, fire or mud, power lines are bound to collapse and power is likely to be lost for quite some time. In times like theses, a V2 disposable ecig is a great resource! We have an entire section on the website dedicated to disposable e-cigs, offering an assortment of flavors and brands. Available in our two most popular flavors, V2 Red Tobacco and V2 Menthol, V2 Disposables provide roughly the same number of puffs as two packs of tobacco cigarettes and are ready to enjoy, right out of the box. All V2 Disposables are available in 1.8% nicotine strength and come in 5-packs and 10-packs. We also offer Zig-Zag Disposables in Traditional Tobacco and Menthol Flavors, available in 1.8% or 2.4% nicotine strength.

A Variety of V2 Chargers – When a natural disaster strikes, you will be thankful for such an affordable and small product like the V2 ecig Charger and Car Adaptor. If the power goes out in your home and your V2 battery gets low on power, use this savvy little device, available for $19.95. Just plug into your car outlet and recharge in a jiff! We also always recommend V2 customers to have more than one V2 charger, just to be safe.

Do you have another V2 ecig product that you think will be a must-have during a natural disaster? Tell us in the comments section below and make sure to share this informative blog post with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!


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  1. ezv blog says:

    We put valuable necessities we might be needing in case of emergency situations in a resealable plastic. I have stored two extra batteries too but reading this article makes me want to store more than that and a solar powered charger.

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