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A Vapor Pen to Play Games On?

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play flappy bird on a vapor pen at v2.comThe vapor pen category includes a wide range of devices, from the small micro-cig to the large tank. As vapers become more savvy, many expand their arsenal to include “mods,” a shortened term that loosely stands for a modified vapor pen. In the world of mods, the sky can be the limit, with a seemingly limitless supply of shapes and components available. Mods offer the more technically minded vaper the opportunity to create the device of their dreams, from the ground up.

For many vapor pen fans, building a mod from individually purchased components satisfies their need for customization. One inventive vaper, however, took the mod design to a whole new level by hacking into the software on his vapor pen and installing…Flappy Bird. Yep, you read that correctly. Balázs Bank replaced the firmware on his mod with his own version, successfully creating a vapor pen that you can play Flappy Bird on. Bank’s original device features an OLED screen, which he programmed to scroll automatically, just like the real game; the vapor pen’s activation button is used to play. But not every mod can be programmed like his. The mod Bank uses has built-in software that can be connected to a PC for occasional upgrading. This feature is what allowed Bank to install his own version of Flappy Bird.

Unfortunately, modifying a vapor pen can have disastrous results for the less experienced. While Bank’s firmware modification is pretty harmless, some people try to alter the hardware, or electrical components of their device. Tinkering with the inner workings of any vapor pen or electronic cigarette is asking for trouble. Even those with an electrical engineering background may not be familiar with some of their device’s proprietary components. Worse, there are vapers who think they can save a few dollars on replacement parts and will try to use off-brand hardware. One of the most common and dangerous examples of this are batteries.

Many mods are powered by batteries that need to be replaced, but just like the rechargeable models, these batteries must be lithium ion. And yes, lithium ion batteries are more expensive than regular batteries. So, people will try to save money and just get regular batteries, causing the device to become unstable, which can lead to overheating or worse. Rule of thumb: just because it fits, doesn’t mean it’s compatible.

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