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Must-See TV for Vaporizer Fans

Filed in Lifestyle by on April 8, 2016 0 Comments

vaporizer use in popular tv shows by v2.comNever before has the vaporizer community had a greater variety of TV options. If there was a Golden Age of TV 50 years ago, this is the Platinum version. Recently, we’ve noticed ecig and vaporizer use creeping into some of our favorite programs. Did you spot these “vaping moments?”

Here are some of our recent favorites, in no particular order.

Billions. This new Showtime drama about a hedge fund billionaire and the US attorney who wants to take him down featured the billionaire antihero, his wife and his henchman vaping with a serious-looking tank vaporizer as they enjoy some downtime before a high-pressure social event. If it’s good enough for Damian Lewis, it’s good enough for us.

Younger. Because no one has their finger on the pulse of twentysomething culture like Younger creator Darren Starr, vaporizer use has been featured on this show. Thad, Kelsey’s somewhat smarmy boyfriend, gets a lot of the best lines. And in the new season’s second episode, he implores everyone to vape….whether nicotine or something else, we’re not sure.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine. This show is consistently funny, and vaporizer aficionados could do worse than spend a few hours bingeing on past episodes of the cop comedy starring Andy Samberg. Take, for example, the “Boyle-Linetti Wedding” where the line, “I could stand by the altar and vape,” is uttered by Detective Michael Hitchcock, played by Dirk Blocker (points if you know anything about his famous Hollywood lineage.)

True Detective. Rachel McAdams, co-starring with Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell on HBO’s 2015 season of the moody mini-series, is shown with vaporizer in hand. It’s just one critical scene where the intense detective takes her vaping seriously as an intrinsic part of her investigative process.

With The X-Files re-boot first episode airing earlier this year, we’ve seen the series resurrect one of its most famous early characters, the Cigarette Smoking Man. You have to wonder if they’ll want to cash in on current culture and update his signature cigarette to a vaporizer instead.


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