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The V2 Eliquid Marketplace is Open!

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V2 has taken a major step forward with the launch of our brand-new eliquid marketplace. For the first time, we are expanding our product offering to include brands outside of the VMR family. The reason for this change is simple: we realize that as open systems continue to grow in popularity – EX Blanks continue to be our most popular single item – that many of our customer are looking outside of our website for new and interesting e-liquids. So we decided to help our customers explore a broader range of brands and flavors by adding a select number to our website.

The shopping experience will change somewhat – and we think it will definitely be for the better. First and foremost, the E-Liquid Marketplace will have a dedicated “tab” at the top of our family of websites, along with V2, V2 Pro and our new content site called Vaporpedia. The E-Liquid tab will allow you to get to the expanded eliquid assortment from anywhere on our website, in only one click.

Once you are in the new Marketplace, you’ll see that we’ve organized the assortment by brand. Currently we have four brands: V2 Platinum E-Liquid, Black Note, XEO, and Zig Zag. You are already familiar with V2 E-Liquid; it represents our biggest range of flavors, with 12 everyday flavors and a handful of special editions. Right now we are featuring Cinnamon in both 25 and 50 ML bottles. And in the coming months, look for a few new permanent flavors including V2 Black and V2 Gold, two new tobacco blends, along with Bold Leaf Menthol, a more tobacco-forward menthol flavor. Once these exciting flavors are launched, we’ll also offer a new range of 5-pack samplers.

Black Note is from California with all of its tobacco extracts imported from Italy. The brand is noted for its variety of tobacco flavors – we’ll have at least a half-dozen in the E-Liquid Marketplace – and its small batch, hand crafted approach to developing new and complex tobacco blends. XEO hails from Germany and until now has been very difficult to acquire in the United States. XEO is noted for its robust flavors and will be available in several tobacco flavors and fruit flavors. And last but not least, we continue to offer Zig Zag eliquid, which offer tremendous value.

In addition to giving you the option to shop by brand, you can also very easily shop by flavor category. We’ve divided the assortment into tobacco, menthol, fruit, and specialty selections. As we continue to add new brands – and we look forward to your input on which brands you’d like to see in the E-Liquid Marketplace – this functionality will make it very easy to home in on the flavors that work best for you. Also, once you select a desired brand or flavor, you can sort the choices alphabetically, by customer rating, or price.

When you land on a product that looks right for you, you’ll see we’ve updated our “product page” for eliquid. Since you’ve shopped by flavor now you can decide on the size and corresponding price of each bottle, as well as choosing your preferred strength. And to help you make more informed decisions, we’ve added four new “gauges” to each product page. For every individual flavor from each brand, we’ll show you the level of tobacco flavor, throat hit, sweetness, and for the more advanced users, the PG to VG ratio.

We hope the E-Liquid Marketplace is a convenience for you, as we’ve started the new destination by selecting the best of the best in the eliquid world. Make it a regular stop on your visits to V2, so you can continue to expand your personal assortment of some great eliquid.

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  1. I have been most pleased with your products and the staff who have been most helpful in handling any problems that have come up. I will both be pleased to try new flavors but I still love the menthol I have been using. Your employees are helpful and professional.

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