designer ecig batteries in manual at

Designer EX Batteries Now in Manual

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designer ecig batteries in manual at
EX fans have a new reason to smile! We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of V2 EX Batteries with a manual power switch. This new option has an additional feature over the Classic manual battery switch – the activation button also delivers a lock/unlock function. By including this feature, we’re giving EX consumers a way to ensure their favorite EX Battery avoids accidental activation and preserves battery life. To turn the battery on (also known as unlocking it), simply push the small button three times, quickly. Once the battery is on and a cartridge is attached, press and hold the button while you puff to produce vapor. And when you’re done, just push the button three times quickly to power it off!

But cool new functionality isn’t the only thing to be excited about – we’ve added four modern shades to our EX lineup. Introducing Opal, Rose Gold, Blue Pearl and Matte Black! With a total of five eye-catching designs, there’s guaranteed to be one that suits you. Visit the V2 EX Batteries page to place your order today!

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