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VERTX: The Power of V2 Pro in a Microcig

Filed in New Products by on July 27, 2016 4 Comments

vertx mini vaporizer starter kits at
The Next Phase of the E-Cigarette Revolution Starts Now

For our newest series, we reimagined every aspect of the micro-cig. Creative engineering delivered unrivaled power in a surprising design, resulting in maximum control and performance. A breakthrough heating element allows for the highest puff count and longest battery life of any other micro-cig.

Introducing VERTX & VERTX Plus. A bold departure from the ordinary.

Discover new capabilities and customization options previously unheard of with a micro-cig. Touch-screen controls, variable settings, first-of-its-kind design…and that’s just the beginning. The sleek exterior of VERTX Plus features the control panel, which is used to set the voltage and brightness of your device. Both VERTX and VERTX Plus are built with an LED power indicator and a flat edge for total comfort and convenience. Inside, a recessed cartridge chamber prevents leaks and breaks. And with VERTX, your enjoyment won’t be put on pause when it’s time to recharge – we incorporated pass through charging into both models. Simply connect the magnetic charging cord to the metal port on your device and you’re set.

The VERTX line of cartridges is compatible with both VERTX and VERTX Plus batteries. VERTX Cartridges produce up to 650 puffs, offering you an incredible value with the lowest cost per puff in the category. Magnetic connectors secure the cartridge in place so changing cartridges is easy.


Comments (4)

  1. Keith says:

    When are the Vertx blank cartridges coming out? When I bought my Vertx Plus, it said September or October – now says Coming Soon! I need to order some supplies but am hoping the Vertx blanks will come out (very) soon, so am trying to wait on them (or another promotion with a gift card (store credit) 😉

  2. I have a V2 Pro won’t hold charge and doesn’t light up on end when you smoke it. Also not able to buy supplies for it at the store I bought the V2 pro from that’s crazy.

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