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Get the Power of Sub-Ohm in Series 3

Filed in New Products by on November 14, 2016 7 Comments

sub ohm vaporizer cartridge for vg ejuice at
We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and basing new products on their feedback. With so many V2 Pro fans vaping both PG and VG blends, we knew we had to release a cartridge that would round out the promise of “all-in-one.” Introducing the ceramic Series 3 E-liquid cartridge with sub-ohm! Fully compatible with your favorite VG juices, this Series 3 e-liquid cartridge features a ceramic base for improved flavor and vapor production. We completely reconstructed the heating system of this cartridge, removing the wick and repositioning the heating element, essentially doubling vapor production and ensuring pure, clean flavor for the life of the cartridge.

The Series 3 ceramic e-liquid cartridge has a storage capacity of 1.6 ML and is capable of producing up to 800 puffs before needing to be refilled. To use, simply remove the mouthpiece and drip VG e-liquid into the hollow chamber*; replace the mouthpiece, drop the cartridge into the recessed chamber of your Series 3 vaporizer and enjoy!

*Allow the cartridge to sit for five minutes, prior to first use. Not compatible with PG e-liquid.


Comments (7)

  1. peter catuzzi says:

    I am a loyal, long time user of your great product. In the past I have complained by phone and e-mail regarding the Series3 liquid cartridge leaking.
    Unfortunately, I need to purchase another V2 Pro series 3 Vaporizer because the cartridge I had was leaking. The Vaporizer malfunctioned and got so hot I had to place it in a glass of water to cool it down.
    This should be of great concern to your company for possible fires and burned hands.

  2. Scott McLaughlin says:

    Got these in today and based on first use not impressed. Using a 65/35 blend and get the same cloud as the wicked tanks. The flavor is richer but that’s it. The wife found hers got semi hot and that concerns her and is now afraid to use it. Beside being wickless and possibly lasting longer it’s not living up to the hype. Also different places say 5 or over 15 minutes before first use which is confusing.

  3. Griss says:

    can I use this with PG as well? thanks

  4. Patrick says:

    Waiting for my pro series 3 kit but was planning to order the sub-ohm eliquid cartridges next. Am i able to purchase 100% VG premium ejuice on the site? or do i have purchase the ejuice somewhere else.

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