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Vape in Good Taste

Filed in New Products by on November 3, 2016 1 Comment

In addition to being smokeless, one of the major benefits of e-cigs and vapes is the variety of flavors available that you’d never be able to find in traditional tobacco products.

There are so many different tastes to choose from, whether you’re beginning to vape, or even if you’ve been vaping for years, there’s a whole world of flavor out there waiting to be discovered.

We wanted to share some of the most popular and best tasting V2 e-liquids and flavor cartridges for you to choose from; so here is a run down of popular and great tasting juices you can find right here on

Getting Started:

If you are curious as to what the flavor compositions are, there is a handy guide on some options (as seen below) as well as customer reviews, and description sections to help fill in the gaps of what your taste buds are imagining. On some options you can select from different nicotine levels, and quantity as well, so you can start with a smaller amount if you aren’t sure which liquid to try first, or want to create your own sample pack.



You of course have your traditional flavors like menthol and tobacco, but there is a whole world of dessert inspired, or fresh and fruity, fun and funky, or exotic blends to explore.  You can even find tropical flavors like Mango, Island Breeze or Dragonberry which add a little bit of island flair to your vaping experience.

Dessert Inspired: 

Fresh and Fruity:

  • Mango – Fresh, sweet taste of luscious Mango flavor in every drop
  • Charlie’s Head Bangin Boogie – Cool off with the icy refreshment of blended blueberries and tropical fruit
  • Banana – Perfectly ripened bananas and rich condensed cream

Fun and Funky:

  • Cosmic Fog Kryptonite Fresh melon with a sweet candy coating
  • Polar Punch Icy cool flavor is a guaranteed favorite for every dedicated menthol fan
  • Daisy Duke- Tap into the heartland with this all-American sweet corn flavor


  • CloveA blend of spicy and sweet notes of an authentic clove flavor
  • Green Tea Refreshing green tea blended with a dash of cream
  • Coconut Thai- Fresh and vibrant flavor blends coconut with hints of sweet basil and sprigs of lemongrass

We also carry the Vape Bartender brand with features rich and decadent flavors like Irish Cappuccino , a “barista-approved flavor tops frothy Irish cappuccino with a dash of caramel.”

And if you aren’t sure what flavors you want to start with, and don’t want to commit to just one, there are great starter kits and samplers throughout the shop so you can get a taste of the most popular flavors (like grape, cola, cherry and vanilla). These are convenient to help you find the right balance for your vaping style.

Let us know… What is your favorite flavor? Or what would you like to try?

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  1. Rhonda Chamberlain says:

    How do I clean the cartridge when I want to change to a different flavor?

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