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Vape Safely

Filed in Vaporpedia by on November 7, 2016 2 Comments

As popularity for vapes and e-cigs grow, it is important to consider the correct way to use them. Even though they are not a combustible nicotine product, the lithium-ion batteries used to power e-cig vaporizers are small and powerful, so there are still precautions to factor.


A report from the U.S. Fire Administration found that were just 25 e-cigarette injuries between 2009 and 2014, a very small number in comparison to the number of users. But still reason enough to heed some important guidelines.


According to NBC News,

There doesn’t seem to be a single reason for these failures. Some of the obvious problems include the lack of industry-wide manufacturing standards or testing programs, and misuse by vapers who modify their devices or use the wrong battery chargers.


How do the batteries explode?


There could be a few reasons, including carelessness of the user, among other oversights. But one way, is when the batteries short out, there’s a surge of heat that causes this flammable electrolyte to combust and explode.


Although, thankfully, it doesn’t happen often, the occasional issues with batteries prove it is still important to be as careful as possible when using e-cigs and vapes.


Here are some helpful guidelines:


*Buy replacement batteries from the manufacturer of your device

*Don’t store the batteries below 50 degrees or over 115 degrees

*Don’t keep your extra, charged batteries with spare change or batteries

*Don’t keep the batteries in tight pockets, close to your skin

*Don’t overcharge your batteries

*Make sure to turn your device off before storing

*Only use chargers from the manufacturer your device (Just because one fits, doesn’t mean you should use it.)

*Closely follow manufacturer instructions


The takeaway here, is that vapes pose no threat when used according to directions and not paired with incompatible replacement parts.


Do your best to vape responsibly and follow public courtesy and common sense for those around you.

Comments (2)

  1. Lisa says:

    I am having trouble with my batteries sort of “sucking the life” out of my cartridges-it seems like I need to get a new cartridge every few hours! I put the pen close to my ear and hear only “air” going through, not the crackly sound you hear when you start a new one. What is happening?

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