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How to Clean Your Vape

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The best way to keep your vape working in optimal condition is to keep your battery charged (with a manufacturer approved charging device), have your tank filled with your favorite V2 eliquid, and very importantly, keep it clean. Keeping the pen and tank clean is an easy and fairly quick process to ensure you get the most out of your V2 vapor.


How to clean your vape pen:

To start, prepare your workspace and collect your refill e-juice; select your favorite V2 e-liquid, (or start with a  V2 Platinum Specialty Sampler) which comes in a wide variety of flavors and nicotine strengths.

* Make sure you are working with a tidy and safe workspace, then remove the tank and open carefully.

* For devices with replaceable atomizers, check to see if the atomizer needs to be changed (it may be time to do this if your flavor tastes burnt, of if you don’t get as much vapor as you used to)

* Safely dispose of any e-juice that remains in the tank

* Rinse the empty tank with clean water, then remove any excess liquid

* To clean the inside of the tank, we suggest using a cotton swab and/or alcohol pad

* Using a cotton swab, gently clean around the battery and outside of the tank

* Allow the components to air-dry before refilling and reassembling for use

* Refill with your favorite V2 e-liquid


Helpful tips:

* If you wash your coil- make sure to let air dry until all moisture is gone (could be up to a day or two) before refilling. It is a good idea to have backup coils on hand.

* If you like to swap flavors often, make sure you use a different tank for each flavor. Refilling with a different flavor will compromise the flavor profile.


Some cautions when cleaning your vape:

DON’T submerge the battery in any liquid.

DON’T use any harsh chemicals or soap in the tank

DON’T use non-manufacturer approved accessories for your device


You can also purchase extra tanks or tank kits so that you have backups handy, and can keep your flavors all separated. Every vape experience is customizable.


How often do you clean your vape pen? Share your tips with us.

Comments (6)

  1. John Clark says:

    How do you clean the battery It plugs up

    • V2 says:

      If you weren’t able to solve the problem by using the steps outlined in our blog post, the issue may be with your battery itself. Please contact customer service for additional trouble-shooting tips; if they are not able to resolve the issue, they can assist you with obtaining a replacement battery. Customer service can be reached toll-free at 877-378-2767. Thank you!

  2. alta schade says:

    Why have you changed your liquids?? They were so good when they were thicker.

    • V2 says:

      We’re sorry to hear that you’re not happy with your current bottle of e-liquid! There has been no change in the production process of our e-liquid, so the issue may be with your specific batch. Have you tried calling customer service? They can provide additional assistance and can be reached at 877-378-2767. Thank you for your patience!

  3. Lee Howard says:

    I am fully charged but it wont draw. What is wrong?

    • V2 says:

      It sounds like something is not primed properly. Have you tried calling customer service? They can provide additional assistance and can be reached at 877-378-2767. Thank you!

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