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At V2, we are always interested in what our customers think. In order to spark new and interesting conversations with fellow vapers, we have added a Hot Topics discussion to our forum. This will give you a chance to share your thoughts on all things vaping. The first few topics were chosen by our team, but we want you to take control of the conversation in the future!

Our first topic will keep it light, opening a discussion about your favorite vaping memes. Internet memes have become ubiquitous across social media and forums in the past few years. Some bring up interesting points about vaping that are lost on opponents of e-cigarettes. Others are just plain funny. What’s the best vaping meme you’ve come across recently? Click here to share yours with the forum and check out the memes that have been added to the thread by other forum members.

Head over to the forum to check out the latest Hot Topic and tell us what you think in the comments. Do you have a hot topic you want to discuss in the future? Send a message to Samantha, our forum moderator, with your discussion question and she will let you know if it is added to the schedule. Not a forum member yet? It’s easy to join, just click here, fill out the form and join the conversation today!


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