Vaping in Session: The Vaping Congressman

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A recent article from The Hill told a story about a Congressman, Rep. Duncan Hunter (R- Calif), who vaped in active session, all to prove a personally important point. The articles states, “Hunter pulled out two different devices to illustrate what he argues were flaws in an amendment that Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) offered to an aviation bill.”


The bill aimed to differentiate the classification of a vape based on whether it contained nicotine or not. Hunter argued that the bill was unnecessary. “The proposed bill would prohibit e-cigs and vapes by altering the definition of smoking, which would now include a device that delivers nicotine to a user of the device in the form of a vapor that is inhaled to simulate the experience of smoking.”

An avid supporter of e-cigs, he aimed to make his point clear through the clouds. Duncan displayed two types of vape pens, one with nicotine and one without. The first contained nicotine and he took a pull of the vapor. Then a second vape pen without nicotine was displayed, “This is not covered under Ms. Norton’s amendment,” said Duncan, who puffed on the second device in the exact same manner to prove his argument. “That doesn’t make sense to me. Either say that an e-cigarette is illegal, whether it has nicotine or not in it.”

Rep. Hunter, representing California’s 50th district in San Diego county, has earned himself the nickname “The Vaping Congressman” whether he wants the moniker or not.

Why does Hunter support vaping so staunchly? “The reason I vape is simple: It’s so I don’t smoke cigarettes. I vape knowing that I’m not inhaling tobacco.  Most importantly, I vape because I believe it could save my life.”


With the ability to customize your vape liquids to include nicotine, or not, you have the control to better manage your vaping experience. The differentiation on whether a vaper chooses a nicotine content or not, doesn’t matter as much to Hunter, but the freedom to use your pen as you see fit, does.  


There are many regulations already in place for the use of ecigs and vapes. “Duncan pointed out that the Department of Transportation has already banned the use of e-cigarettes on flights, and said flight attendants can already stop passengers from vaping on flights,” and that they do.

Do you think there should be a category to separate vapes and ecigs with nicotine from those without?


This isn’t the first time he has exhibited such a display. Last year he puffed a nicotine vape in open session as well. As reported on CNN, he opened his argument last February by inhaling a load of e-juices. “So this is called a vaporizer,” Hunter said as his neighbor tried (literally) to clear the air. “There’s no combustion, there are no carcinogens … there is no burning, there is nothing noxious about this whatsoever.”


It might not be noxious, but some could perceive his actions as obnoxious. What do you think?

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