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VMR, the maker of industry-leading vapor brands V2V2 Pro, Vapour 2, and Prohibited, wants to offer you, our valued customers, the opportunity to become owners of VMR through a new type of Initial Public Offering (IPO) called a REG A offering (the “Reg A Offering”).

VMR is planning to file a Form 1A with the SEC, and seek approval to sell shares to our valued customer base before the close of 2017. We will likely run this Reg A Offering for a 6 to 12 month period. Upon completion, VMR plans to up-list its shares onto a major US exchange (e.g., NASDAQ or NYSE) which will provide liquidity for our investors. Our goal is to up-list in 2018 and we are currently evaluating which exchange would be ideal for VMR.

Over the past decade, VMR has grown from a two-employee startup, operating out of a small Miami apartment, into a global powerhouse with over 200,000 square feet of operations. Our strength lies in the amazing team we have assembled. Our management team is the strongest in the industry. We employ over 150 full-time staff, and our dedicated factory operations are more than 700 workers strong. VMR’s proprietary products are designed completely in-house, representing more than 30 patents. The company’s world headquarters is still in Miami Florida, but we now have operations in the UK, Ecuador, Czech Republic, and China. Our retail websites, including V2.com, ship over 1,000 orders every single day.

Over the last 5 years, Big Tobacco has entered the vapor category by leveraging its vast resources to control the industry we pioneered with your support. VMR is proud to say, “We are NOT affiliated with Big Tobacco. Our company is driven by innovation, not preservation!” We believe in a future where combustible cigarettes are something you will only find in the history books. The vapor industry is expected to grow exponentially over the coming years, with some public reports estimating the industry will generate in excess of $44 Billion by the year 2024. VMR is uniquely positioned to capitalize on this growth.

We thrive on your feedback and want to involve you in our decision making process. Over the last 9 years, you—our dedicated V2 customers—have helped VMR become the nation’s largest online retailer of vapor products. Depending upon your feedback, we will decide if we want to go down this road and welcome our customers to become shareholders and have a stake in our ongoing success. We believe we have built the best company in the vapor industry, and we could not have done it without your ongoing support.

We Thank You,
Jan A.Verleur, CEO & Co-Founder


Comments (24)

  1. Steven Hull says:

    Very interesting

  2. Rhonda Thibault says:

    So where are my 200 points?

  3. Munir AlMunir says:

    Is the best ,wishing you all the best and success will take the survey for sure.

  4. L. Hamilton says:

    I got more to gain than loose, with a solid product on the market. Keep me posted, ready to jump in!

  5. Cheryl Ackermann says:

    I am very interested in supporting your company and your employees. I feel like I know most of your sales people I enjoy talking to them and they have been very good to me. I have great faith in V2 and would love to be a part of your expansion. Cheryl Marie

  6. Dianne L. says:

    Good product, solid work ethic, and excitement in your words, count me in!

  7. Annie says:

    I might jump in too! I still would like more health studies. I like the fact that V2 offers a loose leaf cartridge which will position the company nicely in the coming “green industry”. Keep me posted.

  8. Joy Papa says:

    Great staff and a great product. May consider going forward with your growing company. Please keep me informed!

  9. Marti says:

    Great idea. I certainly would be interested in investigating if you choose to move in that direction.

  10. JOAN KNECHT says:

    Love your product. Would be interested in investing.

  11. Steve Weber says:

    I have literally been looking for a way to invest in the vaping industry because I believe the market is going to greatly expand and put an end to tobacco and saves millions of lives in the process. It’s a win/win situation and I am up to invest in V2. Just tell me how and when and I’ll be there!

  12. Kelly Warran says:

    I’m in! Love this product, no love for Big Tobacco

  13. Barbara Borealis says:

    I love this company and its products. As much as I rant & rave to people I know about V2, I ought to own a little piece of it! Thank you, and congratulations on your continued success.

  14. Timothy Coleman says:

    Go for it !!

  15. Pamela Mason says:

    Very interested! I have yet to receive my first (huge) order but I love the lines already. From what I can see so far, VMR is going to soar heavens above the rest. Excellent direction for the V2 future – I will definitely invest. Please keep me posted.

  16. Julie Roberts says:

    I have been a loyal customer for the past five years and would gladly support this company. I believe you have the best products on the market.

  17. Mark says:

    Please keep me posted to get in.

  18. Joshua says:


    I want to share my experience with this company as it has been stellar all around. I am a new customer to V2 and their line of products. I ordered a V2 PRO Unit as I had seen nothing but good reviews on the product. I recently received it and all the reviews proved to be true. I love this unit. When ordered this unit it was during the Hurricane you recently went through in Florida and even though they had gone through this horrific turn of events, a customer service rep was calling me explaining what was going on and ensuring my order was shipped and they even sent it next day air for me. I believe going public for this company would be the best thing to do and I will continue to be a loyal customer to V2 as long as you are in business. Thanks for the great experience as it reflected so well my Girlfriend has ordered a unit from you guys to show support and to use your products and I continue to inform all my friends who use vapor products to look into you guys. I wish the best for this company and would love to look into investing as the customer service alone speaks volume to what success you will bring in the near future.

  19. Dr. David Dube’ says:

    Logical conclusion with successful products. Let me know I’d like to grab some!

  20. Stephanie Haugh says:

    I have tried a lot of products over the last couple of years and when I found your V2 pro I found the best. I am extremely happy with it and I would be very interested in buying share of stock in your company. Please put me on the list.

  21. Steven Ellsworth says:

    V2 is the ONLY company that I will deal with when it comes to my vaping supplies. Once I found V2 there was no turning back. To be able to invest in this company would be a dream come true. While other companies claim to be Number One (1), I know from my own experience, that V2 is Number One (1). Andries, please keep us informed . . . so many of us are so anxious to get involved because we believe in YOU and VMR as a whole.

  22. Mattie Freeman says:

    My favorite vaping company. Ioved the life time warrenty too.

  23. Ginger says:

    I’ve tried lots of other juices, and you have the best in my opinion. Count me in!

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