5 of the Best Vape Pen Starter Kits for Beginners

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The best vape pens for beginners are those that don’t require extensive knowledge about vaping in order to get started. The vaporizers listed below are versatile and easy to use, offering customization for a more personally satisfying vape experience. If you are moving from a ecig to a vape pen or are totally new to the vape space, we have put together the best vape pen starter kits for you here. If you’re more interested in starting with an ecig, check out our customer’s favorites here.


V2 Pro Series 3

The V2 Pro Series 3 is a modestly priced vape that makes it easier than ever to transition from electronic cigarettes like the EX or Classic. This pocket-sized powerhouse comes with an eliquid cartridge, but is also compatible with various cartridges for customization with your favorite e-liquid blend. High performance with a low price tag, this pen will impress with its ease of use and sleek look. Dry herb and wax cartridges are also available for this unit, allowing the user to switch between mediums on the same battery.

Kit includes: Includes Vaporizer, Liquid Cartridge, USB Charger and a User Manual


XEO Void Vaporizer Kit

If you would rather not deal with cartridges altogether, the XEO Void vape is for you. German manufacturer XEO designed this adjustable airflow vaporizer with a tank inside instead of cartridges. If you would like to vape different eliquids, you can simply replace the atomizers. This is the perfect no-nonsense unit for vapers looking for value and simplicity in design.

Kit includes: Includes Vaporizer, USB Charger and a User Manual


V2 Pro Series 3X

Packed with power, the V2 Pro Series 3X was designed with variable voltage and temperature settings plus adjustable airflow to provide an enhanced experience as compared to the original Series 3. However, the 3x components are compatible with the Series 3 device, cartridges and accessories. This allows you to switch your cartridges back and forth between the two devices. The Series 3X also comes in three stylish colors to choose from: Charcoal, Gunmetal or Crimson.

Kit Includes: Vaporizer, S3 PG Liquid Cartridge, S3X Liquid Cartridge, Interchangeable Atomizers, USB Charger and a User Manual


Vapor2 TRINITY Vaporizer Kit

If you’ve done research on vaporizers online, you’ve probably come across the term “box mod” before.  If you’re looking for customization options with your vape, this mini box mod would be a good fit. In addition to producing great vapor, this unit is 510 threaded, which allows you to use it with pre-filled cartridges from a variety of sources.

Kit includes: Includes Vaporizer, USB Charger and a User Manual


V2 Pro Series 7

The V2 Pro Series 7 vaporizer offers the longest battery life, largest eliquid capacity and is one of our bestselling devices. This kit, packed with extras, is everything you need to get started. Comprised of all the technology of the Series 3 pens, with additional benefits like variable voltage and temperature settings. When ready for use, insert the cartridge and select your voltage setting – but if you aren’t sure what setting to use the smart technology of the Series 7 pen will recognize the chosen cartridge type and heat to the optimal temperature.

Kit includes: Vaporizer, Liquid Cartridge, Loose Leaf Cartridge, USB Charger, Wall Adapter, Pick & Brush


Visit v2.com to browse all of our vape pens, ecig starter kits, accessories and eliquids. If you’re still not sure which vape is right for you, you may benefit from connecting with more experienced vapers in the V2 Forum.


Have you already tried one of the vapes mentioned above? Share your thoughts on the perfect vape for beginners in the comments below!


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